Woody is 7 weeks old today and is currently snoozing on his dad's chest. It's a hard life!

Motherhood has been a rollercoaster of a ride so far and nothing like I ever imagined. I often pinch myself that this little boy is mine and not just a friends' or cousins' baby. There are amazing days like Monday when Woody was as good as gold - hardly fussed, fed well and slept throughout the day. And then there are days like last week: fussy feeding, uncontrollable crying and fighting sleep all day. 

However, I wouldn't change my little Woody for the world.

The first few weeks were quite easy as he liked to sleep, a lot. In fact, I often sat there watching him sleep wishing he would wake up so I could have another cuddle. However, with more mental and physical developments happening, it means Woody is now asleep a lot more during the day. 

He started to smile around two weeks ago, but this week his smile and attentiveness have really developed. With his gummy and cheeky smile, Woody is now starting to gurgle back when we speak to him (obviously in that annoying parent voice that you cannot imagine you would ever develop until you have a child) and kicks his arms and legs in response.With a lot going on around him: lots of smells, colours and sounds; you can often find Woody staring around the room with his big blue eyes bulging and his mouth open in amazement. 

Woody has always been a great sleeper and in all honesty, we have been blessed with such a good baby. His usual routine would consist of his last feed at 11pm and he would then wake to feed every 3 hours on the dot. However, a huge development in the last few weeks is that his last feed is still at 11pm, but he won't wake until between 4:15am and 4:45am for his next feed.

He is currently drinking 5oz of milk per feed and lets me know when he is hungry. In the early days, we did wake him for his next feed if he was asleep, but we now listen to him and his needs. They say you get to know each cry your baby makes and what they are trying to ask for and it's true. There is no cry like a baby's hungry cry, let me tell you!

Woody has had a recent growth spurt which has seen him notably increase his milk intake per feed, but he's also finally starting to wear his 0-3m clothes. We really did get a lot of wear out of his newborn clothes which I am surprised lasted so long, as he was born at 8lbs, 8ozs! Luckily though, there are a few newborn clothes that still fit him.

We have our 6-8 week postnatal check in a few weeks' time, which means first set of immunisations for Woody. I'm a little nervous as I have heard babies cry their heads off and are poorly for the next few days, so if anyone has any tips that would be wonderful!

Here's to the next 7 weeks of my little Woody-bum.

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