New Beginnings


It was on a Saturday afternoon, on Valentines Day infact, when I was simply wandering through the stables market in Camden. I had my magpie eyes on a gorgeous leather handmade satchel glistening in its beauty a couple of feet away from me when all of a sudden he grabbed me, pulled me in, smiled and simply said.. "I want you to be my girlfriend".

Made it sound like something out of a cheesy chic flick but that's genuinely how it happened haha.

I have been known as that girl who dates a lot and then moans on Twitter about the douche bags she dates so I never could get my head around at actually finding a good man to have anything more than a casual date with. That was until I met him back in January. A very short and sweet conversation on Tinder that only really started because of a conversation about One Direction (I'm joking, he was actually a good chat) leading to us dating and now this...

I'm super scared but super excited at the same time. It hasn't quite sunk in completely that I have managed to bag a guy who likes me for me so I really hope things work out because right now as I write this on a Tuesday morning at 02:41am; I am a really happy girl and it's all because of Joe.


  1. Aw this was so nice to read! I'm really happy for you, enjoy it!

    Chrissy x

  2. Aww so happy for you :) enjoy it hun xx

  3. awww so happy for you!! what a lovely post xx

  4. Oh, too cute! Melted my heart, and I usually try to remain the ice queen haha.

    Very happy for you, followed you for a good few years now and it's amazing to see you happy :)

    1. Haha, trust me so do i! ^_^ Thanks very much Sam x x


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