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Charcoal Detox Brightening Mask* 

Beauty Masks are a beauty website that distribute Timeless Truth facial sheet masks. I am an avid pamper girl especially on a Sunday afternoon alongside a bubbly bath, a deep hair conditioning treatment, a fresh lick of paint on my nails and of course.. a good face mask!

My skin is genuinely quite clear but can often look quite bleak so I try to look for any products which claim to brighten the skin. I was sent the charcoal detox brightening mask to try out. I have never tried a sheet mask before; only having ever tried wash on/off and peel off masks. I know sheet masks are quite a popular option but I just never got round to trying them so I was super excited to give this one a go!

It says to cleanse your face before so I did my usual cleansing regime and then patted my face dry. I left my face to calm itself for a minute or two and then opened the sachet up. The mask has a plastic film over it which you remove to reveal one side of the mask being darker than the other. This is the side that you apply directly onto your face. The mask was super coated in its charcoal serum. There was also some left in the sachet which you can pop into your fridge and use alone within a few days! The application of the mask was quite easy however I did find it was a little too big for my face hence the slight crinkles in places. I left the mask on for 20 minutes and found it super easy to remove. No mess, no pain. The remaining serum on your face you just massage into your skin but I wasn't sure if you was meant to wash it off with water afterwards? Either way, I did!

So what did I think?

I did notice a brightening difference. My skin looked a lot less bleak and more fresh and awake. It was soft to touch and didn't break me out so this one in particular works great for sensitive skin. This mask in particular is £4.95 which I think is an okay price. There are different mask ranges which go up in price; the most expensive being £8.85. I'd say if you have the spare pennies to splash out on one time masks then sheet masks are great for that.

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