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Customised Locket*

Watch my video review above! :-)

Venus With Love kindly allowed me to customise my very own locket. These lockets are beautiful and sentimental; making them a perfect gift for someone. I decided to make one for my Mum as it's always nice to give rather than receive! 

I chose the silver medium locket which holds 3-4 charms. It took me a while to choose as there are so many but I eventually decided on: a cat/dog paw, an angel, a family heart and a Mum heart.

The quality is superb and I can't fault anything about it or the service from the company. They ship worldwide too if you fancy ordering one for a friend who lives in a different country. To make things even better, you can 20% off with discount code ASHLEIGHD20. 

Happy Shopping!


  1. Anonymous18/2/15


  2. Anonymous18/2/15

    I am in love with this, lovely to see such an awesome review :)

    With love from London,
    Hayley x


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