my week in photos: 10th sep - 16th sep 2012


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Had a really easy week if I'm honest. I think I'm a lot happier with Uni compared to the college days due to the fact I start at 10am everyday, finish at 4:30pm Monday and Tuesday and then finish at midday on Wednesday. Easy peasy!

Caught up with an old friend this week and went for drinks. Got stupidly drunk by being silly and mixing drinks. Had my very first jรคgerbomb and I don't think I shall be trying a second! But saying that, it was a great night and now I can be a real student and waste all my student loan on alcohol and more nights out! Only kidding, I have camera lenses to buy, books, photo paper, film and all that jazz!
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  1. So glad you've settled into Uni, although I know the feeling of wishing you could spend more of your student loan on interesting things rather than the boring essentials!
    Tangled is one of my favourite films too :) xxx

    1. Yeah in my heart I know I should spend it on necessities and save the rest, but I'll probably be in Topshop soon lol :( Aha, it's such a great film!
      A x

  2. cute pictures! Have fun at uni! x

  3. that is one big to do list! nice photos, i love tangled! x

  4. Janice Ducharme17/10/17

    I know that feeling when I need to do my research paper but all I can think about is partying. Mixing drinks is no use for a girl, don't forget it next time ;)


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