things i like #5


found via tumblr (here)
♥ I'm a strong believe in karma so this made me smile! 

found via tumblr (credit unknown)
♥ This has really inspired me! 

watch on youtube
♥ Found this girl's channel randomly the other day and i'm actually in love! 

♥ "intimacy": 
Nobuyoshi Araki published "Sentimental Journey": a book of pictures of his wife taken during their honeymoon. When she died a few years later, the Japanese photographer thought that those pictures were the most beautiful present he could ever have. 

watch on youtube
♥ This pretty much makes my YEAR! 

♥ songs i'm listening to:
i'm not sorry (the pigeon detectives), wings (little mix), red (daniel merriweather), tambourine (eve), you got the love (the source/candi staton), & send me on my way (rusted root)

♥ blogs i'm reading:
1) mona @ chippedandchapped // she's a total babe anyway but i've been really enjoying reading her blog this week :)

I haven't read many blogs lately due to being super busy, but i shall update my blogroll soon!
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  1. Hahaha that goat is amazing! x

  2. I absolutely love the first picture! it's so true, hehe! I love little mix wings :) xo

  3. I'm a bit in love with that youtube singing girl to now! xx

  4. Hey the goat video is so much funny make me smile bigger literally...and that girl with the guitar sings awesome

  5. lmfao at the goat, i'm a little bit inlove <3

  6. That goat video is absolutely fantastic, made my day - if not my week! Brilliant xxx

  7. How strange! Bethan used to go to my school before her family moved three or four years ago; her brother dated a friend of mine! Small world.
    Bethan is so talented!



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