vanish and the stain is gone!



Vanish is a very well known brand that produce the best-selling cleaning and washing products for us consumers to try. I've always been aware of the famous pink bottles and tubs that sit on the shelves in supermarkets, but my mum does the laundry (she refuses to let me touch the washing machine - I have offered!), so it's down to her what products she decides to buy. 

Vanish kindly sent me/my family some cleaning/washing products to try out last month. My mum's been really enjoying trying out the products and will definitely purchase more in the near future.

The products tackle stain removal which we were pleasantly surprised to say worked! One of my favourite t-shirts was stained due to me having red hair and letting my hair air-dry (the banes of having coloured hair) - so there was wet drip like marks on the back of the t-shirt. Once the stain removal was applied, it took around twenty minutes for the product to soak in and after an hour or so, the stain had disappeared... just like magic!

They also offer products to remove carpet stains and coffee stains. If you have a specific stain you wish to remove, you can use this chart selector to select the stain (there's many!) and it will give you a direct product that is recommended for you to try. You may want to check out their FAQ page for any specific questions you may have. 

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  1. i swear by vanish! having red hair myself , i know the pain! vanish gets everything out! x

  2. Patricia Ribush15/12/17

    Stains are my personal hell! I love to write for, sipping from a wine glass. And guess what? Yes, there are wine stains all over my wardrobe. Thanks for the recommendation, I'll try Vanish now.


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