toothpaste kisses


cross necklace: can't remember where it's from!
shirt:charity shop
tights: primark
skirt + belt: urban outfitters
shoes: topshop

This is actually what I wore yesterday to University but as soon as I got home my mum asked if I wanted to go shopping so I obviously couldn't pass up such an opportunity!!!

This is my most worn shirt ever. I got it for about £1.30 in a local charity shop and I've worn it over and over again. It creases like mad but I can deal with that. It looks really good with levi shorts too but mine are currently too big so I need to buy some new ones. This skirt literally matches everything so I think this on a whole, is one of my favourite outfits ever.

I thought I would include my mum's pride and joy at the moment: the massive, random sunflower we have growing in the garden. I have called him Sunny. Everyone say hello to Sunny!!!! 
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  1. Love this outfit, can't believe how much of a bargain that blouse was! Toothpaste Kisses is up there with my favourite ever songs too! Love it!

  2. This shirt is so beautiful can't believe its from a charity shop! It salways nice to get a bargain that you get loads of wear out of. Hello sunny! :P
    Cara x

  3. aww you look adorable! Your shirt is amazing :)x

  4. The print on the shirt is so lovely! Oh hai Sunny :)

  5. you look lovelyyy x

  6. love the skirt, you look gorgeous :D xo

  7. Hi Sunny hah! Beauitful photo! I'm craving a leather skirt, they seem amazingly versatile

    Robyn Mayday

  8. You look great. I need some new levis too mine are huge on me now x

  9. you lil cutie, loving this shirt!! total barg' xoxo

  10. hi ash, love the shirt you are wearing, hates them when it creases alot especially if its your favorite one! Like your belt! Like MOSCHINO's! Followed your blog when i saw from etail forum! <3 have a nice day! x

  11. Anonymous20/9/12

    Ahhh that shirt is such A BARGAIN! Lucky you! And I love your belt too, reminds me of the Moschino ones a little bit!

    Gemma x

  12. That shirt is so pretty! I really like that print! And I love the color of your hair :)

  13. I adore your shirt, great print - your make up looks pretty too :)

  14. Gorgeous shirt, such a lovely print! Still madly in love with that belt too xxx


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