my week in photos: 17th sep - 23rd sep 2012


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001: I've been really unwell this week, which is a rare thing for me. Jack Frost found his way to me and gave me an awful cold, which was so bad I stayed in bed for two days straight. I'm feeling a little better now, but am definitely wrapping up warm for the coming week, especially as it's pretty much raining everyday.. starting today!

002: So, let me give you a Uni update! I really love it! - I've been given three projects this semester and have around three months to complete them. One of them is a self-portraiture project which is slightly scary, but I've thought of an idea! I went to the library this week and checked out the photography books etc. I found a really cool photography magazine called Hot Shoe, which I'm thinking of subscribing to. It's only £30 for 6 issues aswell!

003: I bought a new camera yesterday which has set me back a grand total of £844. I decided on the Nikon D5100 after being undecided between Nikon and Canon, however I felt Canon were too 'plastic-y and light' in my hands compared the solid-brick-like-ness of the Nikon. I'm absolutely in love with it though and can't wait to start using it on proper shoots. Just gotta get back into the swing of things and look for some more freelance work! - I also bought a wide angle f/1.8 portrait lens and a flash gun, aswell as insurance (couldn't risk dropping it and dying of heartbreak) which is why it was all a little more pricey... but so worth it!
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  1. Love your deathly hallows tee. Hope you feel better soon, I've been really poorly this week too and it sucks so much. My only comfort was chocolate and lots of it <3

  2. Anonymous23/9/12

    I love that primark playsuit - i tried it on a while back and it didn't fit me at all, and didn't look right in a bigger size. :-( I've finally got instagram and i'm slowly finding out everyones users! Following you now. :-)

    rachelpan xo

  3. Oh gosh, what I would do for a Starbs frappucino right now! Love your outfit with the printed shorts and jumper, such a dream autumnal outfit! (: So glad you're enjoying Uni sweet, I'm so jealous of everyone writing about their experience with starting hahah. xx

  4. I believe it was a blue iPhone in your hand in the photos...really your outfit is looking very much stylish....thanks for your collection!!

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