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One of the latest blogger's competitions making its way around is the Boo Hoo £50 challenge, run by Fashion Vouchers. The competition basically involves choosing an outfit from the Boohoo website that totals £50 (you're not allowed to use any kind of discount!). I know a lot of girls love Boohoo's stock, but I've never purchased from there, so it's been fun having a nosy around the website looking for items to choose for my entry. It's been really fun and I'm surprised at how affordable Boohoo's range is!

I chose a pleather skirt as they're on trend for A/W '12, are smart and casual at the same time, and can be easily dressed up or down. I absolutely love pleather skirts mainly for the fact that you can pair ANY top/jumper/shirt with one and you're good to go. I recently picked up a similar version of the skull tee in H&M but I like this version a little better as it's longer so could be worn with thick leggings too. The flat-forms have been on trend for a while and I think they'll be sticking around for quite a while yet!

On a whole, I adore this outfit. I would happily wear it to University, maybe with sheer tights and frilly white socks. I'd also wear it out on a date or to a family celebration. It's super chic and an outfit I really want to wear!
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  1. cute outfit! I love boohoo, they've definitely upped their game the past couple of years! x

  2. I love your choices - the skirt is gorgeous :)

  3. love this outfit!
    just came across your blog and love it :) xx


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