two weeks in photos: 26th aug - 9th sep 2012


Me and Louise on our way to a family meal in celebration of excellent GCSE results! · Outfit post · Off to the cinema · Chilling over the park · Bought a book at the airport and love it so far! · Drinks in Italy · Me and Louise family meal in Italy (no idea why my hair is purple!) · Waiting at Gatwick for a missing suitcase (it was later found abandoned on the runway!) · First day of Uni outfit · Second day of Uni outfit · Where I blog from · Feeling sorry for myself · Uni day 3 outfit · Thursday's face · Uni trip photography exhibition (Roger Mayne's work) · Elsbeth Juda's work · Sneakuurz · Chilling over Leicester Square · Popped into Carnaby Street · M&M world · New trainers (now skint) · Last BBQ of the year! · Maisy · & again!
 Just a little update as to what i've been up the past fortnight! Feel like I've mentioned this a million times, but my induction week at Uni was this week and so far I am really enjoying it. It's my first real day tomorrow so I'm super excited! Already been given three projects which seems like a lot of work but I can't wait to get stuck in!
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  1. I'm glad uni is going well so far! Looks like a fab week; love all of those outfits lady

    Emily xx

  2. Love your photos! Was looking for a new book so might check out that one :). Thats awful about your case, at least you got it back though
    Lianne x


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