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american apparel disco pants via asos
chain - vintage

Taken on my iPhone but sometimes it's just impossible to come home after a long day and photograph an outfit; especially as the evenings are drawing in more quickly as Autumn approaches! I hope you don't mind! It won't be a regular thing or at least I don't think it will. I have a particular style when it comes to photographing my outfits which will still be the regular way - hope that makes sense!

I picked up the tee and trainers on a whim whilst in London last week. I've wanted air max 1's for ages, after already owning air max 90's, so these were definitely an impulse buy as I had to buy them as I never find trainers in a size 5! Had to take advantage! Plus a really (really) nice (bloody gorgeous) (male) sales assistant (a uni friend will back me up on this one) was helping me choose between these and Nike X Liberty dark obsidian floral free runs (what a mouthful!) which are now next on my wishlist!

send me on my way* - reference to a song from the film Matilda.
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  1. Saw this tshirt in Topshop, loved it but the sleeves were a bit of a turn off - It looks fab on you though with those disco pants!! x

    Sarah x

  2. This t-shirt is dead cute, disco pants suit you like no other Ashleigh!

    Robyn Mayday

  3. You look amazing, love the shirt n the SHOES so jealous, need to get my hands on some ASAP! Love the liberty ones too, they're just so expensive. Glad you're enjoying uni sweetheart, you deserve to be happy! love you loads xx

  4. Disco pants suit you so well! You'll definitely have to visit the assistant when you buy your next pair haha!

  5. LOVE the tee, it looks fab with the disco pants! Gorgeous trainers too, I really want a pair of blazers xxx

  6. Ah that t shirt is so cool! I want! x

  7. I imagine most fashion bloggers outfit posts will be less frequent once it starts getting dark early!! I know mine will anyways as I work until six everyday.

    Love your top and trainers!


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