Located close to Las Vegas in Arizona is the Grand Canyon National Park. With many immense view points of red and crumbling rock, it's one of the most surreal and beautiful landscapes to see in person.

There are many different options to choose from when visiting the Grand Canyon, so it is important to plan your trip way ahead so you can enhance your experience as much as possible.

If you are an adrenaline junkie, you may wish to book the South Rim Tour which has many exhilarating experiences such as helicopter rides, rafting, bikes and jeeps available. It's without a doubt the most craziest of the four different areas of the canyon to visit, so it's one you will only want to book up if you love heights, water and all the scary stuff!

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Maybe you're more of a laid back person who enjoys slow walks and the chance to take some stunning photography. If so, the North Rim Tour has a much more limited approach when it comes to seeing the Canyon in all its glory. You can go on a self-guided hike tour with nothing but friends and a map to guide you from A to B and back again.

The West Canyon Tour is the most popular of four sections available in the Grand Canyon. Most people enjoy going on a Grand Canyon helicopter tour from Las Vegas to the Canyon or even a shorter ride around just the Canyon itself.

Head on over to Eagle Point and enjoy the best view of the Canyon on the Skywalk bridge. This is a 10 foot wide, horse shoe shaped bridge, extending out over 70ft of the rim and standing 4000ft high. It's definitely not one for the faint hearted, but it really is the best view to get of the entire West Grand Canyon.

Finally, you may wish to take a less exhilarating approach to visiting and prefer the East Canyon Tour. With plenty to see from the Horseshoe bend, Antelope Canyon and Little Colorado River; it's a day out in itself; packed full of things to see and do.

You may even wish to head down to Colarado River itself which offers plenty of different boat rides for you to sit back and enjoy whilst taking in all of the sights around and above you.

Which part of the Grand Canyon would you prefer to visit? I'd love to know below!

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