Have you got any travel plans set in stone for 2019 yet? We definitely want a baby moon before the baby is here, so I'll be spending the next few weeks looking for the best city break deals. I am hoping the January sales has some fantastic offers!

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The journey of entering the airport to arrival at your destination is either dreaded for some or the most exciting part of the holiday. Personally for me, I loved it when I was younger. There was something so thrilling about waking up at 3am to leave for the airport and then sitting around on the floors waiting for your boarding gate to open was even more exciting. However, I think the older you get the more you hate it; particularly because you're now the adult in charge.

It can be difficult to know what to and what not to pack; especially for a holiday longer than a week long. How much makeup to take? Do I need two cans of deodorant? Will I even stand to use hairspray in the Greek heat?!

Having read through Excess Baggage Company guidelines, I thought I would put together an up to date and very handy guide on all the things you are and aren't allowed to take onto a flight. There is nothing worse than having to throw things away at the security desk - particularly when you didn't realise your favourite dry shampoo was a 150ml bottle and it was packed tightly into your hand luggage so you could freshen up your hair on the plane. Damn.

In plain and simple terms, you need to check that all of your liquids are in containers with no more than 100ml per bottle. This includes cosmetics, sprays, lotions and creams. They all need to be placed into clear re-sealable plastic bags which are provided at the security desks.

Here's a handy checklist of things you may want to go through:

Small Tools - permitted with rules

You're allowed to pack screwdrivers, wrenches and pliers. However, they have to be seven inches or less in length. Any sharp tools should be wrapped tightly, packed into hand luggage and then declared at the security desk.

Non flammable liquids, gels and aerosols

Permitted as long as liquids/gels are in air tight containers/bottles and at 100ml or less. Baby formulas and insulin are an exception.

Lighters and matches

Allowed but should be packed into hand luggage only. Passengers are allowed to carry one lighter and one pack of matches.


Should be packed into carry-on luggage only, not checked baggage.


Wrapped gifts can be carried on board but will need to still be checked at the security desks. It is important to note that some wrapped gifts may be unwrapped to check its contents.


Smaller electronics such as a standard size laptop, mobile phones and tablets can be kept in hand luggage and scanned. However, anything bigger such as bigger laptops, video game consoles and video cameras must be removed from their cases and checked separately at the security desks.


Prescription and over-the-counter medications can be carried in hand luggage without being checked for contents size. Any medications for disabled passengers or for medical or cosmetic reasons are subject to addition security screening, so must be declared at security checkpoints.

Baby Items

Any items relating to the feeding of a child (baby formula, breast milk, juice, gel/liquid teethers and canned or processed baby food) is allowed on board if a child is travelling only. However, these items still need to be scanned at the checkpoints.


Passengers are allowed to pack up to five litres of alcohol beverages in a sealable bottle or flask - but the alcohol content must not exceed 70%.

Sharp Objects

Box cutters, knives, razor blades and scissors can be put into hand luggage (but declared and checked), but are not to exceed four inches in size.

I think a lot of these items do come down to common sense, but it is still good to know what you need to declare at the security desks to prevent any embarrassment!

Are you jetting off anywhere in 2019? I'd love some travel destination ideas!

Disclaimer: In collaboration with Excess Baggage Company. All words/views are my own.

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