I booked a private scan for Saturday 15th December to find out the sex of our baby. It's such a personal thing whether to find out or not, but Ricky and I both agreed that we can not wait up to 42 weeks and we also wanted to better prepare ourselves with clothes, baby's room etc.

I had been planning a gender reveal party for family and I am so thankful to all those who came. Baby is set to be so loved! We put on a lunch for everyone and it was the first time our families met. I was super pleased with the decor I arranged for the gathering - very much my taste!

I spent all morning decorating, baking/cooking and arranging a game for everyone to get involved with for the actual reveal. I picked up these little cupcake toppers from Amazon and followed a vanilla cupcake recipe. I am no professional baker by any means, but I am happy with how they turned out!

I also picked up this gender guess game from Amazon and it was very interesting to see what people thought baby could be. 

All along, I have been chopping and changing my own mind for what baby could be. I started off convinced a boy, but changed to a girl when I was around 11 weeks. I have read so much on nub, skull and chin theories, but they are all just old wives' tales after all!

And then it was time for the reveal. I filmed the whole thing which I will treasure forever!

So..... it's a BOY!

Ricky is absolutely buzzing to take his son to his first football game and I'm just excited for him to grow and be here next year. Everything is so perfect right now and I could not be happier at the fact I am going to be a mummy to a little boy. 

Onto the scan itself incase anyone is interested in reading more about early gender scans. We had ours at 16 weeks.

I cannot recommend Window To The Womb private clinics enough (*not sponsored). You are made to feel welcome and special the moment you walk in and the scan itself is made to be much more special in my opinion. We had the same sonographer as our early 6 week scan, so it was nice to see a familiar face and the setting is super comfortable and relaxing; spa like music and low, warm lighting and a sofa provided for up to 5 guests that you are allowed to bring. 

The package we paid for gave us a gender reveal, health check and a sneak preview in 4D - something we was all really looking forward to.

Baby is a little wriggler and kept moving around, mostly standing on this head! However, these two photos are my favourite as you can really see details. In the 4D photo, it sort of looks like a huge nose, but it's actually his two hands on his face. You can see a thumb so clearly!

My beautiful boy. 

Until next time.
Ash x


  1. That's such an exciting gender reveal party, congrats on finding out the sex of your baby x

  2. Awww congratulations, what a lovely way to announce the news

  3. Aww what a really lovely way to reveal the gender! I love how everyone was involved x

  4. Ah congratulations! What exciting news. I love that the clinic is all set up for a gender reveal too. So much fun. Looks like a great gathering.

  5. Congratulations on your news...boys are awesome, always full of cuddles for their Mums x

  6. Aww wow congratulations! How exciting that you are having a little boy! My boyfriend took his son to his first Newcastle United football game today xxx

  7. Congratulations on your news, I love the way you revealed the gender. I have heard that boys are easier but I have a little girl x

  8. This is so lovely! Congratulations on your little boy!


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