Can you believe we have been home owners for a whole month already? It's been almost a month since I revealed the news on my blog. We are finally settled in and it really does feel like home now. Whilst not every room is completely finished, everything is a working progress and coming together nicely. Our living room is my favourite room in the house at the moment. It's just so cosy and homely!

Moving home is stressful, but it is a fun and exciting time. With a new home, comes a new chapter of your life in a new place, so it’s understandable that you might be excited and maybe even nervous too. To help you with your impending move, here is a list of moving house tips and move guides of what to do when moving house. These should help keep you safe and sound throughout the entire moving process and hopefully be the best way to move house.

Moving house tips - What to do when moving house

The first thing on our moving house tips list to do is to plan ahead for your move. You’ll need to work out exactly what needs packing, what you can get rid of before the big move, and just what you’ll actually need to pack everything into - and essentially make a moving checklist. Are you the type to carefully pack up your clothes into boxes a week before you move, or are you more likely to throw them into a bin bag right before putting them in the van? 

Whatever your style is, you need to make sure that you’re prepared for the move by having enough boxes and bags to put everything into. Plus don’t forget extra materials, like a lot of bubble wrap and tape to ensure that everything stays exactly where it’s supposed to when you’re moving. You don’t exactly want to pack everything up sloppily and drive it to your new house, only to unpack and discover that all of your plates have disintegrated along the way and all of your picture frames have shattered.

One other point to mention here is to think about the weight of the boxes. You’ll want to try and spread the weight out evenly across all the boxes you’re packing, so that you don’t end up injuring yourself. This wouldn’t be great right before moving to a new house!

Further moving house tips

Where possible, get professional movers to help you. These can often be the difference between having to spend an entire weekend hunting through your new house for something important, like a duvet set to sleep under, and being able to get everything unpacked with a minimum of fuss, and is often the best way to move house. Plus getting professional movers in means you’re less likely to suffer from a problem, such as a slip or a trip whilst carrying boxes, which can lead to you needing to claim for personal injury compensation.

If you do have a personal injury whilst moving your house and it wasn’t your fault, then you might be entitled to claim as a result, so we suggest that you get in touch with lawyers to see what kind of case you can build. A solicitors can help with building a case to help get you compensation and will assist you throughout the entire process, saving you some stress on top of the additional stress from moving house. 

Label everything properly. Not only is this important to know where everything is for both you and anyone helping you move, it can also save someone from being accidentally injured if they go to grab a box and find it’s a lot heavier than expected, or contains sharp objects that weren’t expected.

Don’t forget to update your address, either a week or two before you move out or as soon as possible after you move. This can be key for ensuring that your move goes smoothly as you can register for a new doctor and other services and not have to worry about them at all during the moving process.

And finally, pack a survival box or bag. This can consist of the basic essentials, such as snacks, a bin bag or two, tea bags and some cutlery and crockery as well as toilet paper. This is just to ensure that you have a quick way of making your home liveable when you’re unpacking everything without needing to dig through a million different boxes to find everything you need to make a cuppa! 

Moving house checklist

As an added bonus, here is a quick checklist of the above tips for you to use as a way of judging what to do when you move house.

Have you planned ahead for how you’re going to pack everything?

Have you got enough boxes and materials to pack everything up?

Are you able to get professional movers in to help you?

Have you labelled everything correctly?

Is everything evenly distributed so there’s nothing too heavy to pick up?

Have you updated your address?

Have you packed a survival box/bag?

Have you got any further tips or anything you can share about moving in the comments? Write below as I am always interested in more tips and tricks for moving house safely!

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