Not updating my blog for a month must mean I've been busy. Nope, I've just not had much to talk about until now... because today is 1st November which means Christmas is NEXT MONTH!

Getting Halloween over and done with always makes me happy because it means the end of October and the start of the Christmas festivities. This year will be extra special as it's mine and Ricky's first Christmas in our beautiful house, so I am super excited about buying our very first tree and choosing all of our own decorations.

A recent OnePoll found that 30% of 1000 participants think that seeing the first Christmas TV advert is what signifies the start of Christmas. A 23% of those people said that starting their Christmas shopping was the start of Christmas for them and 10% of people said eating their first mince pie of the year was the beginning of Christmas.

Mince pies are definitely one of my weaknesses around this time of the year and it doesn't help that they are available in the supermarkets as early as late September. I'm not alone with 30% of Brits choosing Mince Pies as their favourite festive sweet treat. I love eating mine in all different ways; whether it's warmed up in the microwave and demolished on its own or paired with some vanilla ice-cream or double cream for an evening treat.  Yum, yum.

The Mr Kipling Deep Filled Mince Pies are brand new and improved, with a brand new look and flavouring. The traditional fruity mincemeat in a butter filled pastry casing, melts in the mouth and gets you feeling all festive at the touch of your tongue.

* Now available in most major supermarkets. 

A box of 6 Mince Pies are priced at £1.50 (RRP) and there's several other varieties in the range for 2018. Choose from the traditional or 6 Iced Top Mince Pies (£1.50), 4 Gluten Free (£2.50) and for £3.00 there's even a 12 Mince Pie Variety Box which has something for everyone!

Even Elsie demolished one!

This all recently got me thinking about what Christmas means to me and now what it will mean as I now have my own little family of 2 and all past traditions have now come to an end. Christmas would usually involve waking up with my sister at our parents house and spending all day in our pyjamas until we got a little dressed up for Christmas dinner later on. Bacon sandwiches would be enjoyed in the morning before opening presents and I was always the present giver; putting all the gifts in individual piles.

I think I should be able to persuade Ricky to let me start putting up Christmas decorations around the third week of November. We don't have any specific plans for Christmas just yet, but with both families to see, we will probably spend Christmas Day at home and enjoy it as our second but our first in the house and then spend the next few days with each family.

Mr Kipling kindly sent us over a hamper of festive goodies to get us in the mood and it did exactly that when we opened it. Inside was a gorgeous grey, knitted blanket which matches the colour theme of our living room perfectly. With a festive smelling candle, board game and Christmas films included; we are already well in the mood for Christmas in this house hold.

Tonight, I am off to start my Christmas shopping and possibly pick up some decorations for the tree! This is the most excited I have been in ages!

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Mr Kipling and contains sponsored content.  All words and opinions are my own.


  1. What a lovely hamper of goodies! I agree, you just can't beat a mince pie at Christmas!

  2. Ah, I'm a bit of a grinch about Christmas. However, I love this light hearted and lovely post. You have some great pictures here.

  3. That blanket looks so nice and cosy and I do love a good game of monopoly at Christmas! Mince pies are my fave and I’m planning on buying some tomorrow!

  4. I love Christmas, and the John Lewis candle looks lovely. Elsie is a cutie xx

  5. For me monopoly means Christmas, I’ll admit I’m slightly addicted to collecting sets of them and I definitely want this version.

  6. Why have I never seen the Christmas edition of Monopoly? I agree though, you cannot beat a mince pie or two! xo

  7. If we could we’d eat mince pies throughout the year!! Absolutely adore them. Love the monopoly board!

  8. Am i the only person who doesn't mince pies? It feels like it, lol! However, that blanket looks like the blanket of DREAMS!

  9. Oh gosh we all adore mince pies. I don't believe in starting Christmas too early but eating mince pies is my one exception to that!!


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