A little while ago, a courier arrived with two bags of delicious treats from The Polish Bakery; a Wembley based bakery that bake fresh Polish breads, cakes and pastries. It was a lovely surprise whilst I was working away in my office and feeling rather hungry!

Address: The Polish Bakery, Abbeydale Road, Wembley, HA0 1TW | 0208-998-6077

Inside was a few different loaves of breads and some special Polish cakes. The main product which is a brand new upcoming release from The Polish Bakery is their Chia Seed bread. Having a read about it beforehand, it is a sourdough bread that provides iron, copper, zinc, magnesium and maganese to your diet.

The main ingredient are chia seeds which are considered a "super food" as they are packed full of nutrients but have very little calories. We tried it out toasted which was very yummy, but it tastes great with soft cheese and salmon too!

The Polish Bakery Chia Seed Bread is available in local shops and selected ASDA stores.

We also tried out their other breads which were really nice alternatives to our usual white bread in the mornings. I don't particularly like cranberries but the rest of the family really enjoyed The Polish Bakery's 100% Rye Bread with cranberries.

Obviously, I was always going to save the best till last which was a few sweet treats they included in the care package. 

The Vienna cheesecake or Sernik Wiedenski was the one I was most excited to eat as cheesecake is my all time favourite dessert of choice! We noticed their cake portion sizes are HUGE so we was actually able to split this into 4 different portions for us to all try. 

We was surprised to see that instead of the traditional biscuit base that most cheesecakes have; the base to this was almost sponge-like. The cheesecake filling itself was light, fluffy and almost melted in the mouth. The topping was perfect too and far from sickly. It was just one of the most perfect cheesecakes I've had in a long time!

Finally, went on to try the Apple cake or Jablecznik which lived up to all of my expectations and beyond. I am partial to apple crumbles and danishes; so was really excited to try this polish apple cake. It was incredibly soft and moist and again, very cake like rather than a crumble or shortcrust based apple dessert. The apples inside were really delicious and you could tell were fresh alongside the added raisins every now and then. The topping was almost fumble like with a little icing and went down a treat! 

This is the first time we have ever tried out Polish bakery delicacies and I have to say; we was left all very impressed! 

Disclaimer: These products were sent in consideration for review. All words, opinions and photographs are my own. 


  1. What a lovely range of products, I do like the sound of the cheese cake too.Looks delicious.

  2. oh wow this looks great. I love the sound of bread with cranberries and the chia seed looks great too! How yummy!

  3. Oooh the apple cake looks so mouthwatering and delicious. Finding little bakeries like this makes me happy just because there can be some sweet gems in them!

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    Let’s be BLOGLOVIN friends!

    1. Definitely! I want to try and find some more bakeries locally. x


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