Over the last few weeks, I have been trying out the PersonalityMatch app which is available both on the App store for iOS and also Google Playstore. It's basically a quiz app that asks you a select number of questions to test what kind of personality you have. 

It's completely free to download and you can either sign up or log in through Facebook which for me is a million times easier!

I filmed a YouTube tutorial which shows you how to use the app and who to test your personality which is down below should you want to watch it!
Once you're logged in, the quiz will begin. There's a fair few amount of questions but each one is carefully selected to measure your personality the best it can. Some questions ask you what you would do in situations for example. Whereas, some questions ask you to describe your personality with multiple question answers.

 Once you have completed the quiz, it gives you a summary of what type of personality you have. There's also an in-depth look at your personality which you can also read if you want to break every point down into a more detailed summary.

Once you have worked out what kind of personality you have; you can challenge your friends and family to take the test. Once they've answered the same questions, you can compare your personalities with one another. This is great for working out whether a potential future partner or friend is a good match for you. 

When I tweeted about the app, I challenged my followers to take the personality test so we could test our results together. Someone called Katy (hello!) was the first person to test her personality against mine. It gives you a great breakdown of our individual personalities and we sound like we would get along really well!

It's a really fun little app and something I'll definitely be recommending to new people who come into my life. Of course, as a little disclaimer; it's in no way a 100% accurate answer that a person is or isn't a good person to have in your life. However, it certainly is interesting and rather accurate when it comes to looking at the results.

Watch my YouTube tutorial below on how to use the app and find out what kind of personality I have!


  1. Omg I love personality type quizzes and this one looks so detailed, totallly downloading this! x

  2. Pretty cool that you can actually compare personalties, haha! I'm such a sucker for these kinds of things! Can't just scroll past a quiz to find out what kind of pizza I am, haha! x

  3. This reminds me of a tech version of those quizzes I used to do in magazines when I was a teenager

    Mel ★


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