I was never much of a cat person until we ended up adopting a cat called Albert that wandered into our house one day and has never left since. We have always had dogs in the family so we have learnt a lot since adopting a cat. 

These are things that are are completely different when it comes to owning a dog. So, here's a guide on getting a furry little friend!

1) Adopt!
There are millions of cats in need of good homes. If you're after a younger cat, then PLEASE pop to your local cat shelter and see what cats are in need of a new family. For sure, it's nice getting a kitten from a breeder but it's also important to remember that many kittens and cats end up in shelters and rescue homes due to neglect or being given up.

2) Get a litter box and litter.
We are lucky in the sense that Albert comes in to eat and maybe snooze; but then leaves when he has had enough or wants to go outside to do his business. However, if you are a new cat owner or thinking of getting a cat; then it's probably it's a good idea to get a litter box if you want them to be an indoor cat.

Training kittens can be difficult but it's not much easier than training a puppy on training mats. Make sure you place your kitten or cat into the litter box every morning, afternoon and evening and they should pick it up within a few weeks. It's also important to clean out the litter box every time they do their business and place down new litter. Cats are very clean animals and you wouldn't like to do your business in an unflushed toilet!

Whiskas have put together this cute little video to educate cat owners about litter trays and training kittens or young cats.

3) Invest in a scratching post and lots of toys.
We have leather sofas so it's essential for us to have a scratching post and many toys for Albert to keep himself occupied. Before we got a scratching post, he has been known to attack wooden blinds and scratch at cushions. Cats are incredibly intelligent animals so love having toys to play with and love playing games with their owners.

Owning a cat is without a doubt MUCH easier than having a dog. They are much more independent and only need seeing to when they need feeding or their litter needs changing. Cats are great first time pets to have if you're not at home all the time. However, please make sure you're a responsible cat owner if you do decide to get one!

Disclaimer: In collaboration with Whiskas. All words, opinions and photographs are my own.


  1. Anonymous21/8/16

    Oh my god, how cute is Albert? I find it absolutely sweet of you to adopt him. I've always thought about adopting a cat or a dog but haven't reached the point in my life yet where I am a little more stable with my spending and income that I could really provide a happy home :-) One day, though! Great tips here xx

    Hannie from Missing Wanderer

    1. He is a little cutie and loves cuddles aswell which we didn't think most cats liked! Domestic pets like dogs and cats are indeed a LOT of work! But they are so rewarding to have in your life :)


  2. Cats are a lot more independent than dogs. I find them cute. Your kitten is so adorable.

  3. I agree with you so much. Adopt adopt adopt. There are so many cuties out there waiting for there forever homes

  4. Oh my god he's adorable! Black cats are literally the best cats to get :) Congrats on your new buddy xo


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