When we first got Elsie, she was really unwell. We was recommended by the vet to switch her food plan to a grain free diet. Despite being a large breed dog that poops A LOT; dogs actually don't have a very good digestive system and food can be hard to break down in the intestines.  This can lead to bowel problems and discomfort for the dog.

Grain free dog food is a fast burning type of food that results in less food being eaten and dogs also stay fuller for long. Unless you're Elsie of course and hungry 24/7!

Feedem is a great website to buy dog food online and they actually have a whole section of different grain free dog food.

It can be very difficult finding good quality dog food which is grain free in supermarkets and even in pet shops. Having a website that stocks these foods makes it much easier especially as there are all kinds of different grain free foods available from different brands.

Since Elsie has been on a grain free diet, we have noticed a huge difference in her coat. It's a lot shinier and is really soft. She is also full of a lot more energy which she burns off a lot easier compared to when she was on other dog food that didn't allow her to release energy so she was always so hyper!

We sometimes mix a little bit of wet dog food in as Elsie does tend to get bored of having the same meal twice a day but this is more of a treat we give her a few times a week.

If you have a dog or puppy who is finding it hard to stomach certain foods or has toilet trouble; it may be worth changing their diet to a grain free one.

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