Hands up if you're lazy when it comes to getting regular haircuts? I'm guilty. 

Next question...

Hands up if you try to cling onto dead hair for as long as possible in fear of losing length? Ooops, i'm guilty again.

Despite being white blonde, I hadn't had my hair cut for a good few months so it was time to end the relationship with my split ends and finally split up. Pardon the pun. 

I was offered the opportunity to review a cute little hair salon called Brooks and Brooks in Holborn on Sicily Square; (a 5 minute walk from Holborn station FYI). The salon is really big with industry photos in frames dotted around on the walls, a friendly receptionist and I even spotted their salon awards sitting proudly on a shelf in the waiting area. 

It was clean, airy and not too loud or over packed. I don't mind salons being busy but it can be off putting if your space with your stylist is too close to another person's because you can lose that personal experience with the stylist. 

My appointment was booked with a stylist called Kayleigh who has worked at Brooks & Brooks for the past 5 years. Upon arrival, she took my coat and showed me to my chair where I would be getting my hair cut. We then had a little consultation about what kind of style I was looking for but as a blonde (and a hair novice), I was unsure what to go for. I saved some photos from Pinterest of shoulder length styles with choppy layers and fringes and Kayleigh said a fringe wasn't a good idea due to the fact my hair was breaking at the front of my head. Blonde hair problems! 

We finally agreed on some styles that took about 2 inches off my length and Kayleigh agreed to make sure to keep my ever so sacred middle parting. I would feel so weird without it! I decided I quite liked the idea of a longer fringe or "bangs" that I could easily sweep in the middle and put behind my ears if need be, so that's what we went for. 

A girl called Mary then introduced herself and washed my hair for me. I was given the optional choice for a head massage and as I was feeling a little stressed out with life, I chose yes! The head massage was lovely and really relaxed me. It's also really important to have head massages when you're religiously bleaching your hair every few months which, yep... I am guilty of again! It relaxes your scalp after a harsh bleaching session. 

After my hair wash, I sat back down with Kayleigh who then combed through my hair and began her magic. We chatted for ages about jobs, weddings and then found out we shared the same birthday and both live in Essex which was double weird! 

After my hair cut was complete, I was so happy with the final result. It's rare that you can find a new hair dresser and completely trust that they don't mistake 2 inches off for 5 or 6 which is the main reason I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with going to hair salons!

I am really pleased with the overall experience I received from Brooks and Brooks and will most definitely return in the near future for all my hair care needs. 

I even got to meet the salon owner's pooch, Molly. She was the cutest little dog ever and loved posing for a photograph!

Thank you so much to Kayleigh, Mary and the rest of the team at Brooks and Brooks for having me. It was also a pleasure to meet the salon pup! 

Disclaimer: The service I received was free of charge in return an honest blog review. As always, all opinions and photographs are my own. I was not paid to speak highly of the company. I genuinely really recommend them and would pay for the service out of my own money. 


  1. I love your hair!! Wonderful photos.

    Hannie Arden from

    1. Thanks Hannie! You have a great blog - wonderful photography! x

  2. This salon looks amazing and I love the colour of your hair :)


    1. Thanks Albertine! It takes a lot of work to get it that white haha!

      Ashleigh x

  3. Oh my god that dog is so cute. I hate going to hairdressers as I am so used to having my hairdresser come to me, that's super lazy haha. x

    1. Haha! Sometimes it's just easier, isn't it? Although, I don't mind going to salons that are really nice like this one! x

  4. I have been to Brooks and Brooks before and really enjoyed their service! I should go back again soon! :)

    1. Ah, I am glad you think they are superb too! :) x

  5. LOVE your hair colour! And that dog is too cute (but not as cute as yours!).
    xx, Pia


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