Last week, I headed into Central London to attend River Island's Style Studio event (#StyleWithLove); held at their prestigious and ever so glamorous Marble Arch store. 

Being an employee of a River Island store, I was very intrigued by the complimentary personal styling service that River Island now has to offer. I went along with a girl from work called Shannon as my +1. 

The exclusive service is now in place at both London and Birmingham stores with booking slots lasting from 30 minutes, 1 hour or 2 hours; all depending on how long you need a personal stylist for. Whether it's a quick session to determine your body shape or a full on session to hunt for the best dresses for your birthday; the Style Studio is there to cater for everyone and anyone!

Upon arrival, the personal styling lounge is located on the top floor of the Marble Arch store. With sliding doors, I entered the styling lounge to see lots of bloggers mingling and taking photographs. The lounge was decorated with jazzy patterned sofas, modern floor length mirrors and gold pineapples were dotted around in every corner.

Being a Valentine's Day themed event, there were heart shaped cookies, heart shaped tissues, balloons and roses everywhere... so cute!

The reception area was very welcoming with roses, wine and strawberries and cranberry juice on offer.

I quickly saw there were outfits on hangers around the room, so I went to check some out. A lot of the items that I saw we haven't yet received at my store so it was nice to see some different bits. I particularly loved a pair of leopard print cat-eye sunglasses which I shall be definitely be buying!

I met the lovely India from the Press Office who told me I was going to be paired up with another blogger for games to win prizes. Exciting stuff, right? We were presented with a rail of different outfits on hangers which had a wide range of different styles. The press team had carefully selected outfits that they thought each of us bloggers would wear. The first game was a Valentine's Day quiz and the pair with the most correct answers won their chosen outfit!

Time to get serious, obviously...

My outfit they chose for me had me written all over it! It featured a gorgeous black denim dress in a dungaree style, a striped plunge body suit and a very luxurious suede biker jacket. Unfortunately, we didn't win our outfits due to mine and Shannon's lack of knowledge about Valentine's Day! DOH!

The next game was a memory game. The team had selected 20 small River Island items on a tray and we was given 10 seconds to look at the tray to memorise it. Me and Shannon only managed to remember 17 items so we didn't win that game either, damn haha!

The whole press team then found out I worked for a River Island store (pretend there's a shy monkey emoji here) and so they wanted to photograph me for the store magazine. I look like a right numpty, don't I?!

It wouldn't be a true blogger event without a cheesy group photo. We also left with a very generous goodie bag packed full of River Island bits; including a rose with my name on it... the only Valentine's rose I received this year!

Thank you so much to River Island for inviting me. It was great to go to a press event for a company I actually work for. I had such fun!



  1. Looks like you had a fun day but can't believe you managed to keep it a secret that you worked in one of their stores for most of the event x

    1. It was lots of fun! The main PR girl knew but she told everyone else, haha! Was funny :-)


  2. You look ace on the picture, thats so cool getting photographed for the magazine! It must of been pretty cool to see stuff selected for you with your face on haha x

    1. Thanks Georgina - I am nerviest to see the magazine! And yeah, that was quite a surprise :-) xx

  3. So jealous. This looks so cute and so fun! x

    1. It was great! Hopefully see you soon at an event xx

  4. Looks super fun! I love the pineapples :)


  5. Wow this event looks so beautifully decorated! The whole personal styling service sounds epic! looks like you had a great time! And you look lovely!!! x

    1. They really did put so much effort in to make everything look pretty. Thanks Maisie! xx

  6. I should definitely get denim skirt like that! Love it!

    Kotryna Bass Blog

  7. Was great seeing you there! Was such a good event!


  8. Nice style!


  9. Have just found your blog - really enjoying it! You take amazing pics and I bloody love your hair!

    Clare xx


  10. Awww wow I this looks like such a fab event !! Soo lucky to have gone there !! The games also sound like fu he!! I also ADORE your outfit from the day babe - you look lovely in the picture !!!


  11. I moved to a different town just over a year ago and we don't have a River Island here I do miss it. I have always been a big fan of River Island bags and purses. Maybe it's good that it's not easy to get to then hehe, certainly my bank balance thanks me! :)


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