London Fashion Week is now over for another season. I have a lot of different opinions about LFW. Sometimes I love it and am really motivated and other times I would prefer to just catch the shows on  blogs. 

However, this season I had some freelance work to get on with so the lovely people at Midori sent me over a surprise care package. Inside the box was a survival kit packed full of bits that would come in handy whilst in London for one of the craziest week's ever.

Midori is a Japanese melon flavoured liqueur which tastes super yummy with lemonade for a zesty but fruity drink. However, there are so many other drinks you can make using Midori that the possibilities are endless. I received a big bottle of the green stuff and some cute glasses that came with a wooden stand; perfect for a night in with the girls!

Getting home after completing my work at LFW, it was nice to kick back with a drink and begin my copious amounts of photo editing. I then of course, caught the Topshop show online and have made a never ending wish list of things I am hoping to buy soon!

Inside the surprise parcel was some really exciting things. I got a few Funkin cocktail mixers which I haven't yet tried but I am hoping to this weekend! I also got some must-have basics for LFW; wet wipes, dry shampoo and deodorant mini's.  I was also happy to see a Quick Dry Barry M nail paint in there as I have recently run out of that berry shade!

I am absolutely loving my makeup bag from Rock On Ruby which I have wanted for SO long! How cute is this mermaid one?!

Last but not least, this little notebook and pens are from Muji I believe and have come in handy! I have used the notebook so much already and is packed full of new ideas for my blog.

Thank you so much for having me London Fashion Week ready, Midori! x


  1. That is so sweet that they sent you a wee care kit! I am LOVING that mermaid pouch. And that Barry M nail colour is one of my favourites! <3 xx

  2. You are so lucky, sounds like you had a fantastic time in London. You take such good photos x


  3. Lovely photos you got here. Hope you had fun.

  4. I love your photos! It sounds like you are well looked after here :) xx

  5. That make up bag is so lovely, I love anything with cute slogans and that is a winner. What a great package to receive.


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