Sipping On Some Pink Lemonade


When out shopping in the supermarket recently, I picked up some fresh pink lemonade which I knew would look really pretty in my new glass jar* from Home Treats UK. I added some chopped up fresh mint (which I probably could have cut a little thinner to be honest!) for the finishing touch. I literally cannot wait for the sun to arrive properly in London (it's currently raining), so I can make some fruit smoothies and even some pimms which would look perfect in this tumbler with some sliced fresh lemon.

Home Treats UK have a whole bunch of pretty things for your bedroom, kitchen and bathroom so it's definitely worth checking the website out. This jar is priced at under £5 which I think is amazing for the quality! 

TINY LIFE UPDATE. I have hardly blogged this week due to being super (DUPER) busy. I have had a grand total of 18 fashion photoshoots this week which as you can imagine has seriously knackered me and now I have the editing session (or 11) to look forward to. I actually took a jaw dropping TWENTY THOUSAND photos. Wish me luck!


  1. 20k photos :o !!! Well, at least you have something tasty to sip while you work your way through them.

  2. I have a set of these too, they are so cool, a real talking point!!

    Helen - #ukbloggers

  3. I have these glasses too, I love them! They look great with the pink lemonade. Today is a horrible day! I got stuck in an awful down pour without an umbrella earlier - bad times. Ha! K x

  4. I love little bits of homeware like this. Hope the photo editing isn't too hard on you, must be an exciting week though?!

    Sam, SPRKSAM

  5. This looks so good and perfect for summer!

    Sarah | | Giveaway

  6. Those jugs are super cute! Can't believe you took that many photos, that is CRAZY haha. Good luck! x

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  7. I love serving drinks (pink lemonade is one of my favs) in quirky contains like jars and tins!

  8. Anonymous29/5/15

    I've never had pink lemonade, I feel ashamed haha x

  9. Mmm, looks so delicious and refreshing. :) The perfect color too!


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