StylistPick Sunglasses Challenge


Since wearing contact lenses, I have been a bit obsessed with buying many pairs of sunglasses. They are one of my favourite things to include in the majority of my outfits (as you probably already know) so when I was asked if I wanted to take part in StylistPick's Sunglasses Challenge, I couldn't refuse!

StylistPick have a whole range of sunglasses available that are not only stylish but are of a high quality. Some of the brands on the site include French Connection and Miss KG. There are many of styles available from cat eye shapes, to rounder shapes and even ones with funky coloured frames.

I chose my top three favourite pairs and put together an outfit using other items from the StylistPick website to show how I would personally style the chosen pair of sunglasses. Here they are!




I love all of my choices and now want to go buy more sunglasses to add to my ongoing growing collection!

Disclaimer: This is an entry for a challenge competition to win a pair of sunglasses from StylistPick.


  1. Great picks Ashleigh, I love those sandals too, such a bargain.


  2. Ah I love summer season with all the festival wear! I never have time to go to any as I spend most of my money at work during the Beer & Cider Festival. #UKBloggers

  3. Lovely pics! I never tend to look for sunglasses being a full time glasses wearer haha x
    Love Vicki |


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