May 2015 Review


So, here we are. Another crazy month finished and I cannot wait to update you all on how fabulous May has been.  If you read last month's review then you will know that I struggled with a few ups and downs which I didn't end up addressing. They were basically job related. I felt like a failure having a degree and a lot of experience and no job but I am embracing my blog and living in the moment and trying not to worry about little problems! It has worked a treat and the last couple of weeks have been good!


I took some time away at the beginning of the month and travelled down to my cousin's house to stay for a couple of days. She is literally my best friend and we always have the best times together :) I do tend to overwork myself all the time so it was nice to leave the emails for a few days and chill out!

May is also the month for family birthdays. First, it's my Mum's (below) then my brother, cousin, uncle, aunt, dad and nan. CRAZY!


Probably my favourite thing to mention in these posts, hehe. Last month saw me eating reasonably healthy. This month I have been working a lot with different food brands and PR's which will all be in next month's posts. 

I went out for lunch with my mum in central London for her very first wagamamas (which she said was "okay" - (not good enough!). We did a huge food shop which saw us buying a lot of healthy food options. I have never really done meal planning before but I had an idea of the kinds of meals I wanted to try and had so much fun cooking and prepping them. Look out for those posts in the next few weeks. 

I also received a two week weight loss plan from Slimfast called the #SlimFastChallenge which I am excited to try next month. I knew I wouldn't be able to keep to a strict regime this month as I was involved a lot with food and it just wouldn't have worked! It's the 3-2-1 challenge; three snacks, 2 meal replacements and one balanced 600 calorie meal. Yep, more meal planning for me! I'll report back in a few week's with my results.


Some of the songs that have been on repeat this month are:
  • Ain't Nobody (Who Loves Me Better) - Felix Jaehn & Jasmine Thompson
  • Movin' On - Twax, Solomina
  • Comeback - Ella Eyre
  • Let Go For Tonight - Foxes
  • Broken Generation - Of Mice & Men
  • Figure It Out - Royal Blood
  • Shine On - The Kooks


I'm on a magical cloud at the moment having met Josh and spending pretty much every day with him.   I am just reeeeeeally happy :) We're planning on doing lots of things this summer so hopefully I'll have more lifestyle posts to share with you.


My favourite posts of May include:


I've really pushed myself this month in terms of producing a lot of work. I've shot a few editorials and  shot 18 separate shoots over 2 days. Yep, I am definitely crazy. Some of the results are here:

I'm now dosing myself up in meds and throat sweets as it appears I may have glandular fever. MY THROAT HURTS SO MUCH. 

Anyway, a crazy busy month, right?  So excited to create memories for next month! 


  1. What a busy month you've had, I love reading review posts like these - thanks for sharing x

  2. Wow awesome post! May was good to you! :) xx

  3. So amazing to see you doing so many shoots, and I'm super glad to see you happy again this month! <3

    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Lifestyle Food Beauty

  4. Ahhh sounds like a proper amazing month Ash! Real happy for ya!

    Rhi xo

  5. You have a new follower! I like your blog!
    Kisses from italy *:


  6. It's so blooming great to see you happy Ashleigh, I am one for hoping that it'll continue to go up up up! :D

    1. Ah thank you Emma! Feel like you've been there since day one :-)


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