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I recently asked people on social media what their fears are. My replies ranged from caterpillars to falling to the more common one of creepy crawlies. These are phobias however, so what is a fear?

My own personal fears are my regrets and the fear of repeating mistakes. From putting trust too quickly into people, dating the wrong boys and letting less important things take control of me. We all make our own choices in life and it's in our own mental stabilities where these fears originate and grow from. 

More recently I had felt threatened and pushed out of place in a personal responsibility I had. I take a lot of risks in everyday situations to better myself.  I could have fought my fear and carried on, worked harder and grew stronger. However, I decided to face my fear head on and end the relationship with it. I reached out to my inner beliefs and realised being unhappy was a scary prospect, making the problem bigger which could in all retrospect be prevented. 

So, what was my fear? ... 

The inner fear of not being good enough for someone and not moving anywhere, not growing and developing myself. I simply walked away without putting up a fight and realised some things just are not meant to be and I deserve the best. Why? Because I Live Fearless

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