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Hair oils are my weakness. I haven't yet updated this on the blog front but I am now blonde meaning my hair gets re-bleached every couple of months leaving it a little worse for wear. The one product I rely on to make my hair feel like silky smooth hair again is always hair oil. I have used a wide range over the years since I started bleaching my hair and some have been good, some have been bad. 

Alchemy Oils is a hair oil with has all natural blended ingredients yet still works wonders. The oil claims to improve the condition of your hair, make it stronger and promote growth. I have been using this for a good couple of weeks now and can say I have really enjoyed using it. You can use it in two ways: either as an overnight replenishing treatment or a quick in-between styling treatment. My hair gets greasy quite quickly so I have been using it whilst my hair is damp just before blow drying. It sinks into the hair really quickly and makes my hair a lot more manageable when it comes to brushing through it before blow-drying - and trust me, I always have tangle troubles!

I am not sure about growth as I never seem to notice my hair growing anyway but my hair definitely feels a lot better since using the Alchemy hair oil. I love the grapefruit scent too - so fresh and uplifting! Perfect for damp hair.

The only negative thing I have to say is I think it would be easier if there was some kind of pump system. The bottle has a cork type bottle lid which looks great (the packaging is nice!) but it can be a little messy when pouring the oil into your hand. I also sometimes feel like pouring out too much product will only waste it so less really is more in this case. 

The hair oil retails at £17.99 which is a little more pricey compared to other ones I have tried but I think it's worth it if you have the extra pennies to splash out - plus it's the only one I have tried that not only works but smells delicious!

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  1. This product looks great ! I want to try it for sure.



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