Meeting People Online


It's safe to say that the majority of the people I've met this year have all been people from the internet. Internet safety is so important yet easily overlooked when you think you can trust someone. I brush on this lightly as I've met some amazing people on the internet who all started off as people I just spoke to via social media.

It's very surreal when you've been talking to someone for so long 'via the internet' and then finally met them face to face. However, there are different circumstances in my case as I've met fellow bloggers and other creatives who have a 'following' on Twitter and Instagram. It's almost as if you've already met that person having followed their lives for so long.

On the other hand, there's the more dangerous side to it all in which we label as 'online dating'. I've met my fair amount of guys all of which I have met via apps such as Tinder. I'll start with the positives. I am not someone who's out partying every weekend and I don't like to mix pleasure with work (learnt from one big past mistake!) so apps like Tinder are easy and more convenient for people who live busy lives such as myself. However, it goes without saying that meeting a guy off an app is incredibly dangerous and something you should always be cautious about. Thankfully the guys I have met have all been who they said they were but there's always that chance that twenty three year old Ben could turn up as fifty three year old Bob.

Always let someone know where you are meeting the person! I always give my mum and/or a friend the number and name of the guy I am meeting. Then they know if they haven't heard from me all night then it's a case of SOS! Stick with reputable sites too. There are so many dodgy ones out there! Never release any personal information such as where you live unless the date goes well and they're driving you home - but still be careful! And my number one tip is to get their full name so you can do a little background check. Yes, I mean a full on Facebook stalk! It does wonders such as finding out if they are definitely single like they say they are, whether they're still posting Sunday morning selfies in bed with their ex-girlfriend Lisa and added extras such as what they look like drunk!

It's great to have fun, meet new people and network as much as possible but it's incredibly important to stay safe. Better to be safe than sorry!


  1. I've reached a point where bloggers I've met (obviously) online are some of my best real life friends too now. I work in online fashion, blog online and spend most of my spare time online, so the idea of meeting people and potential boyfriends online doesn't feel weird to me anymore. Your online dating stories always terrify me though Ashleigh! Chin up dear, I met my current boyfriend on Tinder and he is one in a million. (:

    1. Haha i know. My dating history is somewhat pathetic to say the least. That's a lovely story that you met him on Tinder. I know of a few couples now who have met via online dating apps so i dont think it's shonned upon anymore! It's a norm!


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