My first styling publication - KNEON Magazine


A dear friend and photographer of mine asked if I could style one of his shoots for a magazine so of course, I said yes! I blogged some behind the scenes photos last week which you can go back and see here if you wish! The shoot itself was fantastic (little stressful too!). Below are the main looks I put together. The commission was for KNEON magazine so it was their choice what looks they wanted. Below are print screens of the magazine and an embed version if you want to have a little flick through!

Bare in mind I am just a photography student 6 months away from graduating who likes clothes and has a little fashion blog. I've never styled a shoot before but I think I did pretty well for a first timer. I'd love it if you left your thoughts in the comments :)

 Here are some print screens of the publication in KNEON Magazine. Issue 09 - 'Alive & Well'.

Featuring HYPE, Smiley London, The Ragged Priest, Dope, Sinful and Beyond Retro.
Photography by Kareem Abdul | Hair by Yoko Aoi | Makeup by Tamash Sharkan | Model: Lena Maria @ Profile Model Management.

Here is a copy of the magazine if you want to have a flick through. There is some lovely work in this month's issue!

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  1. wow that is simply amazing! well done & loving all the styles. Happy New Year! x

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  2. Ahhh! This is great lovely! Well done! xx


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