Twenty One


 Just a few of many from my busy birthday weekend. I turned 21 and didn't have anything major planned. However, it turned out a lot better than I had expected! Friday (3rd) was my actual birthday. I got some of my favourite perfume, Chanel Madamoiselle, lots of chocolate and money which went towards buying my shiny new Macbook Pro! Friday night my dad whisked us all off (and my sister's boyfriend!) to Miller and Carter for a huge 4 course meal. It was lovely even if I did go home feeling two stone heavier!

Saturday morning I got ready for my third date with a lovely man in my life. He is nicknamed 'Dude' for now. The one up there with the crazy beard ^! Maybe I will speak more about him soon, who knows? He turned up at my door with a present for me which was a ukelele. It took me at such a surprise as it's on my goals for 2014 to learn the ukelele this year so it was such a lovely gesture :-) He also sings and plays a million instruments so especially learnt my favourite song by one direction (no shame), Little Things which I recorded but am still yet to upload. He has such a beautiful voice. I could listen to it for hours. Dude took me for a lovely meal at All Star Lanes. I went there last year but a different location but hadn't eaten there before. Well, the food was lovely. The service was lovely. The cocktails were strong and fruity and I'll just put it out there... I suck at bowling. I tragically lost but it was super fun and I think as a fashion blogger, I rocked those bowling shoes!

After bowling, I gestured at going home to chill out but Dude was very persistent on walking around for another half hour. Welllllll, I got home to a surprise party and I've never jumped so much in my life. It was one of those surreal moments as I've never in my twenty one year's of life had a party for me before so seeing familiar faces in front of me singing happy birthday was quite something! Turns out Dude was in on it all and had spent the entire week secret planning with my mum. Cheeky pair! She likes him ;- )

Sunday was spent feeling rather sorry for myself... and being sick infront of Dude who bless him; offered to look after me but a grouchy, icky and unwell Ashleigh is never a nice sight! I've had an absolutely lovely birthday and I'm so thankful for my mum, sister and Dude for organising everything. It really was a surprise!

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  1. that is such an amazing cake!! hope you had a lovely birthday :)

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  2. Happy belated birthday! That cake does look amazing!
    Have fun playing with your Mac Book! Always wanted one! xo

  3. aww that sounds so sweet and cute and just awwwwhhh, hope you had a lovely day. I'm dreading june when I'm 21, the grey hairs are peeking through already haha xxxx

  4. Aw happy belated birthday (again) Ashleigh! It looks like such an amazing day, so cute of your new guy to learn Little Things as well, my non-boyfriend learnt that last year as a mini Christmas present and it was the best thing evs hahaha! xx


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