the sunday post: week one


As part of me changing things for my blog 2013, I've changed the name of this feature to "the sunday post". It's been "my week in photos *DATE HERE*" to "what ashleigh did *DATE HERE*" but now I feel it's a little more simple naming the weeks with numbers instead. 

Week one of 2013, here goes!

LEFT TO RIGHT: Good morning ♥ 001: Date night/New Years: starter 1 & starter 2 ♥ Blueberry cider! ♥ 002: Happy birthday to meeee! ♥ Mum's new kitchen aid ♥ Birthday: (day) outfit ♥ Flowers ♥ Dinner ♥ Me & Andrew ♥ Me & my Sister ♥ Present from my best friend ♥ Cutest slippers ♥ 003: On our way to the WB Harry Potter studio tour! ♥ Arrived! ♥ On our way to Hogwarts ♥ Butterbeer ♥ Wand room ♥ Knight bus ♥ Having a go at Quidditch ♥ Chocolate wand & frog ♥ 004: Nice clean room ♥ Night in with Andrew ♥ Essay procrastinating 
 001: What a jam packed week it's been! I hope you all had a lovely New Years! My boyfriend took me to a lovely Mexican restaurant where we had nachos with all the toppings, potato skins with melted chorizo and cheese and a tortilla wrap with spicy bean rice each; although I opt'd for the vegetarian option which was simply deeeee-licious! The rest of the night was spent cuddled up watching.. you ready for this cheesiness?.... the film, New Years Eve which is an all time favourite (promise it's not because of Zac Efron.... O....k, I lied). I thought the fireworks were so much better this year than last year, and surprisingly I was IN London watching them last year!

002: On Thursday, I celebrated my 20th birthday. I had the ten minute blues as I've made the swift jump from my late teens to early 20's which is slightly scary... especially as it's now official I'll hit 30 in ten years time. CRINGE. It's been the best birthday ever, actually and it's still not over (I have a surprise coming next week!). I got money, a lovely ring from my friend and a mickey mouse cushion for my room (he's my fav). My mum surprised me with mickey mouse themed cupcakes that she made but I sadly never photographed. In the day, I popped into town with my friend for a Costa and a light bit of shopping; although I did literally run straight into Topshop with hundreds of pounds. Ohhhh, Topshop, look what you do to me! In the evening, I went to a lovely restaurant in Essex with my parents, sister and boyfriend for a meal. Food is the way to my heart. Oh, and I was surprised with flowers from Andrew!

003: SO EXCITED TO BE TYPING THIS. I finallyyyyy got round to visiting the Warner Bro's Harry Potter Studio Tour which was a birthday treat from my mum. We all went, including my dad!!!! We drove to Watford, parked up and collected our tickets... and boom! We were in awe the whole day and I can't wait to blog about it properly. I have almost 500 photos, so let me know if you would like to see an in-depth review type post which will probably be in about 3/4 parts or just the one post narrowed down with a few photos from the day.

004: I'm quite content with life at the moment until I reminded myself this morning that I have one essay to write and two to improve by tomorrow morning. Uni resumes on Tuesday but I don't currently know if I will be returning. My decision to leave has been flying about in my head for a good few months now and I said I would make a decision over the half term, but the truth is, I still don't know. There are pro's and con's if I leave. Maybe I will blog about them.

005: I'm just SIX followers away from reaching the grand ol' milestone of 1000 Google Friend Connect followers. Yipppppeeeee! How exciting :) I have a few giveaways lined up so keep your eyes peeled.

- XO Love, Ashleigh 

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  1. I'm so jealous you got to visit the Harry Potter studios, I'm hoping to go in February.

  2. i just followed you. i dont know why i haven't seen your blog before!!!! xxx

  3. I absolutely love your blog! Especially the header :) I went to Harry Potter world yesterday and it was amaaaaazing, loved it! Would love it if you checked out my blog or even my HP post! Followed :)


  4. So jealous you went to the Harry potter studios, it looks amazing I really want to go! Glad you enjoyed it :) xx

  5. congratulations on the 1000gfc :)im off to harry potter studios in march, can't wait x

  6. You are over 1000 now, yay! Congrats :) xx

  7. Love these photos :) ive wanted to go on the harry potter tour for ages, very jealous! And congrats on 100 followers! xx

  8. Anonymous7/1/13

    That ring is beautiful!! :) Congrats on the 1000 GFC
    LaceyLoves x

  9. Congratualtions thats fabulous! I love your slippers too- so cute xx

  10. Great photos , red lippy looks gorgeous on you xxx

  11. I went to the Harry Potter studio tour on Sunday! I loved every second!!! xx


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