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Last night I reached the grand milestone of 1000 Google Friend Connect followers... now over 1000! I am so proud of my little blog and am so happy to even have 10 followers, let alone over a thousand. Thank you all so much for the support in almost 18 months. The comments, followings, e-mails and tweets are appreciated. Now it's time to give something back to you all with a huge giveaway!

The dresses are brand new and were sent to me so thank you to Glamorous and Chi Chi for sponsoring this giveaway. Unfortunately both dresses don't fit me properly and are therefore, unworn and need to be loved!

How it works: There will be a total of ten winners. The giveaway will run for three weeks, ending on 29th January, 2013. When I choose the winners, I will click "choose winner". The first person chosen will definitely win a £35 Barratts voucher. Afterwards: If the second person clicked is called "Amy.B" for example, I will then contact that person asking them what prize they would like. For example, "Amy B" may not be a UK size 12-14 so winning one of the dresses would be pointless. So this method of choosing a winner will be done until both dresses have been chosen and then the other eleven winners will be selected at random.

There are 22 chances of winning FOURTEEN prizes so it's worth entering them all! Once you fill out the mandatory options (follow my blog, tweet about the giveaway, like barratts on facebook, follow ella on twitter), there are loads more things that will appear that you can do for a higher chance of winning! Just enter through the form below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway
All winners will be announced the first week of February. Good luck!
TERMS & CONDITIONS: Each prize clearly states whether it's open intertnationally or UK based. You must be over 16 years of age to enter or with parental permission as I will be dealing with personal information such as your name and address. No cash alternatives or alterations are prohibited. Voucher code or money (£35, free delivery with orders over £30) will be sent directly from Barratts to the winner to choose their item. Ella's illustrated tote bag will be sent directly from Ella. Orange Circle Co's two prizes will be sent directly from OCC. Studded iPhone cases will be made by my friend and sent by me to the winners. Both dresses will be sent by me to the winners. Giveaway ends January 29th and winners will be chosen at random. For information on how I'm choosing the winners, please read the paragraph above the rafflecopter form. Entries must be made through the rafflecopter form only. Any entries made after the 29th will not be counted. 

XO, love Ashleigh

snap crackle and pop, cheers for stopping by!
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  1. I'm a massive Harry Potter addict!

    Rosie x

  2. Don't really know what to tell you about myself but this is a fab giveaway Ashleigh and well done on the 1,000 followers! :)



  3. I am currently very ill and trying to do a huge uni report due in on friday, I have also just started re-watching all of gossip girl :P megan x

  4. Anonymous8/1/13

    lovely giveawaay thankyou!! xx

  5. Hello Ashleigh, this is a great giveaway! My little fact is I am a HUGE music fan, and just as big a topshop addict! x

  6. Im a Mummy to Max, Im 21 and hes 1. We also have a blog here: http://introducingmummytothemax.blogspot.co.uk/

    W,d on your 1000 followers! Thank you x

  7. Amazing giveaway, congrats on your 1000 followers, amazing achievement! Something about me, I'm entering your great giveaway whilst I should be revising!xx

  8. amazing giveaway doll!
    I'm a scouser living in Yorkshire who is totally obsessed with all things asymmetric, studded & retro :)

    Kerys -ox
    Little Bo Blab

    1. P.s the 2nd and 3rd prizes are beautiful! & my size (wew) fingers crossed!!!

  9. Lovely giveaway, I blog over at mintyessence.com xx

  10. Well done on 1,000 followers Ashleigh, You deserve every one of them! I remember following you when you only had a couple hundred and look at you now you big shot!
    & 1 lil fing bout me: i wish i was naturally ginger


  11. well done on 1000 followers asheligh, I can only dream of that may! I'm currently taking my a-levels and starting driving lessons soon! an amazing giveaway! x


  12. Such a great giveaway!! I like all things velvet and I drink a lot of tea!! x

  13. I made a video of myself talking Dutch on YouTube for a laugh..and it kinda blew up and has around 150,000 views now!



  14. Anonymous8/1/13

    Hi!I'm a huge fan of HP,I love nude lipstick and Jane Austen.I consider myself like a dreamer.I live in Italy but I wish I was born in Scotland (Glasgow <3 )
    i like your blog ;)

  15. Anonymous8/1/13

    Congratulation on the 1000 lovely :). Can't think of anything interesting to say about myself haha, I'm currently a second year studying Fashion with Textiles at Uni and write my blog PurpleeeRose in my spare time :)

  16. Today I had Miso soup and broken crackers for my lunch and it was PANTS! =)



  17. This give away is amazing. Sorry about the above one, my daughter got trigger happy with my mouse. I'm currently remembering how much I hated waking up early for the school run and wishing that the extra hour is mandatory. Good luck to everyone! x

  18. This is such an amazing giveaway! Well done lovely, you're one of my favourites <3 xxx

  19. Erm Hi!! :)
    I really don't know how to write about myself but yeah.... I am a massive Harry Potter fan and even went to the studios, freaking amazing! I love Disney waaaay too much and going there for the billionth time on my 21st next year. I studied fashion and photography at college but haven't touched anything artistic since leaving not because I was told I lacked a bit but I just dont have the get up to do so anymore :( my new year resolution.... so yeah, thats me, aha.



  20. Anonymous9/1/13

    Awesome giveaway! Well done on the blog sweet. It is beautiful and a lovely read. Keep it up! :) xxx

  21. Congratsss! What an amazing giveaway, you're spoiling us and I'm not complaining.
    I'm studying Primary Education at university and one day hope to be one of the best primary teachers in England!


  22. Congrats on 1000 followers! :)
    I'm Dani, I'm a 21 year old fashion student who should be printing off some research! :)

  23. Hi Ashleigh,

    I'm Fidza. I love music, cooking, traveling, arts, fashion and technology. Congrats on your 1000th followers :)

  24. Congrat's on 1000 lovely! Such a wonderful giveaway.
    Can't really think of anything remotely interesting about myself, I'm a bit ocd when it come's to organising...

    Sjmwell x

  25. Hello! My name is Dary and I've just entered the blog world with my http://yourmindisyourhell.blogspot.com/ . Loving so much and different things ; because of this I will try to organize my blog and make it helpful/interesting to everyone :)
    Your blog is gorgeous and I absolutely love it !

  26. Hey Ashleigh!
    Congratulations on reaching 1000+ followers, that's incredible! My blog is www.daily-hoot.blogspot.co.uk, I'm not very interesting. But I get excited over the little things, I found owl slippers and I had to buy them. Um, I like to bake, although I'm not very good at it yet.

    You're fabulous by the way! Congratulation again sweetheart!xxx

  27. Anonymous10/1/13

    Such an amazing giveaway, will be keeping my fingers crossed! Congrats on reaching 1000 followers, your blog is great so you clearly deserve it :) xx


  28. Good giveaway
    My name is Alessandra, i love ice-cream, music and shoes :)
    mail ale_ped74@libero.it

  29. I am a fashion and book blogger with a book-sniffing addiction. I am also secretly a witch studying at Hogwarts ;)

  30. Hi! I am Mica from Philippines. Wants to be a fashion blogger soon. Super love to shop. :)

    Facebook: Mikay De Jesus
    Twitter: @micaloveirish
    Email: micaloveirish@yahoo.com

    Congratulations! :)

  31. I want to win this giveaway. ;p

  32. I'm currently procrastinating from writing an essay on OCD for my MSc Cognitive Neuroscience.. bad Jess!
    Amazing prizes, thanks for the awesome giveaway and congrats on 1000+ followers!!

    Jesss xo

  33. An awesome giveaway! You really deserve 1000 followers and I love your outfit posts. :)

    ~Hannah xx

  34. I am obsessed with sharks!


  35. I'm a little obsessed with Agatha Christie books!

  36. i saw that raffles bizarre is obsessed with sharks... they scare me pantless!!!
    Rosie xo

  37. I have no idea what to tell you about myself but I'm so happy you've achieved over 1000 followers! You deserve them so much, your blog is fab and this is by far one of the best give-away's I've seen!


    Alex xox

  38. What an achievement - 1000 followers! x

  39. Hmm I'm 19 but I look 14. I enjoy photography, traveling and collecting things :) Lovely giveaway and good luck to all the participants!

  40. Louise12/1/13

    Amazing giveaway!
    I'm a 21 year old fashion student, music addict, and cute animal lover! x

  41. love reading blogs & love entering giveaways xx

  42. I'm on a massive spending ban at the moment so winning any of these prizes would be amazing! I especially love the Glamorous dress & would love to add another Orange Circle tee to my collection! xx

  43. I'm 15, love blogging about fashion, beauty and life!!

    Lucy xx


  44. What an amazing giveaway! My name is Sarah and I am hopelessly addicted to Haribo Goldbears...
    Sarah @ Elettravelle

  45. oh goodness i can't think of anything to tell you haha. i'm a 20 year old student and i love cheerleading and musical theatre :) xo

  46. This giveaway is absolutely perfect, I'd love to win everything!x

  47. I'm nearly 23 but act like a 12 year old... :)


  48. fabulous giveaway! I'm Hannah, I listen to too much jazz and drink too much coffee. x

  49. I also work in a cinema (Same company), and get excited when I see other bloggers do too! Yes... I'm weird!

    Lisa xx

  50. Anonymous19/1/13

    Congrats on the 1000 followers! Such a good giveaway you've put together :). I don't know what to say other than I absolutely love music and going to gigs and aside from clothes that is where ALL my money goes haha!

    bbbreakingbones.blogspot.co.uk xx

  51. I'm Danielle, nice to meet you ;) hehe!

    Congratulations on your 1000+ followers, you deserve a million more sweetie! :)

    http://danielleyc.com xx

  52. Oooh comment. I'm Sarah, Physio student (But hate exercise and science, ha). Like teal colours and erm... The cute button right at the bottom of this page is awesome - stripessss.. <3 xx

  53. I am Jelena from Serbia!!!

  54. hello i am despina.i live in greece and i am a fashion blogger.i have to tell you that i am totally in love with this mutli prize giveaway!

  55. hi, I have 25 years and I live in Italy

  56. Lovely giveaway! I am 28 and I blog over at beckys makeup I have an unhealthy appetite for makeup!


  57. This is an amazing giveaway. I am a 27 year old illustrator and jewellery maker and I have a totally radical blog called Annarack. I like things all Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter like :)

  58. Hi! I am from sLOVEnia!

    You can follow my blog here: mateja1984.blogspot.com


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