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Blog Inc book - £7.99 (on sale!) here
paper back, 184 pages

I've finally got my hands on this wonderful book! I was going to buy it online but then popped into Stratford the other day and ran over to it when I saw it. Don't forget, Urban Outfitters also offer student discount, even on sale items!

I get a lot of e-mails and tweets regarding blogging tips and I have done posts in the past offering my personal advice when it comes to starting a blog. A lot of ~real life people~ have felt inspired to start a blog. I always send the link to new blog posts on my personal facebook account, so everybody knows about my little space on the interweb, which is a little weird but hey-ho!

This fab little book features seven different chapters:

one Introduction to blogging featuring: why you should blog, types of blogs & anatomy of a blog.

two Finding your voice and niche featuring: your blog's aesthetic, naming your blog, unique content.

three Powering your blog featuring: blog platforms, domain names, blog design, photography & workspace.

four Blogging community etiquette featuring: fellow bloggers, contributing, blog meet ups, social networking & crediting.

five Making your blog a business featuring: protecting your work, finances, record keeping & taxes.

six Monetizing your blog featuring: the ABC's of SEO, sponsorships, charging, media kits, affiliate programs and disclosures.

seven The next stage of blogging growth featuring: updating blog design, full time blogging, blogger's block, dealing with copycats & getting published.

As you can see, the little book is jam packed full of really good advice, especially for newbie bloggers. My blog has been up and running for almost 18 months now and I have learnt SO much, especially blogging etiquette, which is basically the DO's and DON'T's of blogging. It's really important stuff to know. Sometimes you don't realise how important certain things are until it comes down to it.

I really suggest buying this. I started reading it last night and even though I'm experienced in blogging now (I have used several platforms for 3-4 years), I am still learning little tips here and there!

XO, love Ashleigh
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  1. I really, really want this. I don't know why I haven't bought it already! xo

  2. I really want to read this, i've seen a lot of books about blogging that look plain and boring but this one looks so interesting!
    Zoe |

  3. This looks really interesting - I wonder if it's available for the Kindle, if so I may have to get it! xxx

  4. This looks like such a good book! I will definitely have to get my hands on it, thanks for reviewing it :D x

  5. Wow this sounds amazing! Must get my hands on this! xo

  6. Anonymous12/1/13

    This sounds so handy, I may have to invest in it myself! Especially since I am a complete newbie to the blogging world haha x

  7. ah I really want this book, thanks for the great review gonna purchase it now!

  8. I've had this saved in my wishlist for a while now - thank you so much for the review, you've convinced me to buy it!

    Would love if you could pop by my blog sometime, maybe follow if you like it:



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