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A few weeks ago, I decided I wanted an illustration of me and my boyfriend originally for a Christmas card design, but that never went to plan. I was looking around for an illustrator who works with pencil or watercolours. I've already had a brilliant digital illustration made for me by the beautiful Gee Horsfield, but I wanted something a little more "sketchy"* this time round.

* My attempt at sounding artistic. 

I came across Robyn's tumblr and decided to contact her about a possible design. At the time, I had no photos of me and Andrew together so I e-mailed Robyn some separate, individual photos of me and him; which she used to create something. Within a DAY, the first illustration of me (with red hair) was finished and e-mailed to me and I love it! I dyed my hair brown a few days after, so Robyn created another version for me; which again, I love!

If you're looking for an illustrator who is not only amazing at what she does, but is also friendly and easy to get into contact with, I really suggest Robyn. She's just started an illustration blog too!

Robyn's links: Illustration Blog | Flickr | Twitter | Tumblr

Disclaimer: Robyn kindly created this free of charge in exchange for a blog review. My opinions are 100% honest. I really recommend her services and wouldn't promote to Blogger if I wouldn't pay money for the services I have received free of charge.
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  1. They look awesome! You're right they would make a very cute Christmas card, at least you're well ahead for next year! ;) xx

  2. Beautiful illustrations xx


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