what ashleigh did: 3rd - 16th december


left to right: food shopping · wrapping presents · christmas decorations · finally got my mitts on one of these! · Italian meal with Andrew ♥ · gig outfit · frilly socks + vans · kaleidophone · Jake Quickenden followed me, eeeek! [he got through to judges houses on XFactor this year) · Drunkity drunk · Present from Nicole · Illustration (blog post on this to come!) · Sorted through clothes · Andrew's german sausage · Oxford + Bond Street shopping
001: Went to East End Promises Christmas gig last Saturday night which was really good! EEP are a four piece indie/rock band based in East London. I really recommend you check out their website here and give them a listen! I haven't stopped listening to their album 'Alan and the White Horse'. My favourites are 'heads and tails' and 'sinned'. 

002: Finally finished all my Christmas shopping and it feels so nice to just sit back and relax, whilst last minute shoppers bustle their way through crowds and queue for hours. I've gone a bit made this year with spending (I always do) but I'm happy with everything I've bought. I can't wait to see everyone's faces on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Christmas truly is the most special time of year.  

003: Keeping with the Christmas spirit, me and Andrew had a day out in London on Friday. We was originally going to do Christmas shopping, winter wonderland and Southbank Market all in one but we never had time for winter wonderland, so that's something we will do next week! Southbank market is LOVELY. I really recommend you visit it if you haven't already. Andrew bought a German sausage with bacon inside which was apparently really nice and I got some nachos (one way to win my heart!) - and we just had a complete '"fat day" as we like to call it: including buying and demolishing all different types of fudge, going Selfridge's (to be posh) and buying almost every flavour jelly belly beans and then getting home after a long day with dinner from the chippy!

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  1. Ah I love Christmas markets! They make me feel festive! Still so jealous of those jelly belly beans haha! They're my absolute favourite sweets in the world. The candy floss and pear flavours are sooo nice too!

    Robyn Mayday


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