things i like #8


found on tumblr

found on tumblr

tea bag biscuits! here

Louise's creative wrapping ideas video

these vintage suitcase dressers

found on tumblr
i want this as a tattoo!

this! found on tumblr

I haven't contributed to my things I like feature in over two months! I've been too busy to gather inspiration sources for a post so I've decided instead of an every saturday feature, I'll just contribute to this feature once a month or so!

other things i like:
♥ mona's blog post on her first date with a guy this week.
♥ hayley's makeup for christmas towie special, here.
♥ east end promises album - listen to it here.
♥ kanye west album

songs i've been listening to:
rockin' around the christmas tree (she & him), lollipop (the chordettes), little things (one direction - they're awesome ok), sight of you (tulisa - hate her, i like the song), tokyo (the wombats), i will wait (mumford & sons), dreamy eyes (azure blue), the power of love (gabrielle aplin) 

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  1. I love the top photo so much, wish I could still be 10 with no troubles haha;)

  2. Anonymous15/12/12

    Ooh thank you my love! That's so sweet of you!

    I adore those tea bag cookies!

    Mona xox

  3. I love the dressers made of suitcases and the tea bag shape biscuits.

  4. the 2nd and last photos are my favourite! I love tumblr so much, i just followed you :) oh and dont worry, you'e not the only one who loves one direction!


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