Pretty Little Things

scrabble collar brooch £4.50*
teal cross collar brooch £5*

The lovely Emma sent me some of her handmade collar brooches a few weeks ago and I absolutely love them! The scrabble ones are my initials (obviously) and I know I will wear a lot! I haven't had the chance to wear them yet and outfit posts are on the backseat at the moment due to the wonderful autumn rain and wind. However, I will link them to any outfit posts I do in the near future!

Emma's shop 'Pretty Little Things' also stocks a range of other items; necklaces, and things made from lace. They can be found on ASOS marketplace and facebook.

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  1. Aw wow these are gorgeous, I love the cross one :) xo

  2. Ahh the Scrabble ones are amazing! I'm forever getting tangled in my collar brooches hahah! xx

  3. So cute! I really want the scrabble ones!

  4. awhh I love the crosses ones, they are lovely!

  5. Anonymous18/12/12

    I love the scrabble one! Such a good price! x

  6. These are lovely! Want! xx

  7. The scrabble ones are my initials too, they are lovely!x

  8. Wow these are so pretty :)

  9. These are so cute!

  10. Those pieces are beautiful!


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