29 ways to stay creative


This month I've lost a lot of motivation for uni and it just seem like I'm heading towards the direction of a brick wall. I have a big decision to make over the Christmas holidays. If anyone reading has been in the same position as me before, then please let me know in a comment. 

Anyway, I thought this video would brighten someone's day who may or may have been in the same position as me. Whether you're a musician, illustrator, dancer, actor, writer, photographer, designer, artist etc; these are 29 ways to stay creative! - Let's hope they work for me!

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  1. Yep, been there done that with the uni thing. Guess I was slightly different to you in that I was doing art history. If you need to talk don't hesitate to email me, you'll find a link to contact me on my blog. :) leannefindlay.blogspot.com

  2. After finishing my 2 year photography course at college i had to make the choice of going to university or going freelance. Not going to lie, I had lost so much of my "hopes and dreams" when it came to the subject due to all of the assessments and I think that the industry had died a little as my course was full of people who wanted to photograph flowers and weddings all their life, which is absolutely fine, but and easy and unchallenging life career. I always used to say that if i went to an interview for chocolate making and my chocolate tasted amazing but i didn't have a degree in it, would the interviewer go for myself or someone who had a distinction level degree but shitty choc? silly, but it made my mind up not to go. I'm not interested in doing photography for a career anymore but to be honest i'd rather work full time and figure out where i want to be rather than someone in a suit tell me where and who i SHOULD be. Put yourself first, you can only make yourself happy. I disappointed my parents at first, but now they understand. ily xxxxxxx


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