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This was meant to be posted yesterday but I totally forgot to blog and therefore it's being posted on a Monday :( Anywho, IT'S CHRISTMAS EVE! Yesterday, I finally got round to going Winter Wonderland with my boyfriend, sister and her friend. It was definitely a lot better than last year. I even found myself going on the sky drop ride. And i hate rides! Felt suuuuuper brave! Today to kill time, I ventured to the cinema to watch Home Alone and Pitch Perfect with my sister and her friend. Awesome films! I absolutely love Rebel Wilson! She tweeted me once ;)

I'm off to the midnight mass at Church tonight. I haven't been in years which is really bad but I feel I should go this year to make up for all the years I have missed. I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and Santa brings you everything on your wishlists! I'm round my nan and grandad's tomorrow afternoon as a family tradition so I will definitely be coming home with a food baby... or food twins?! Merry Christmas!

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