what ashleigh did 28th october - 4th november


001: Well this week's been hectic, fast and slow at the same time?! Half term's over! I really don't feel like I've had a break from Uni at all. I've done more than 30 hours at work this week so today (Sunday) has literally been spent in my onesie lounging about. I promised I would do some uni work today but even that hasn't gone to plan. I am still looking around for a planner so I can organise my life!

002: My little cousin came to stay over for a few days which was lovely. She's my favourite! I promised I would take her out so on my only two days off, I took her Stratford Westfield on Monday and then Oxford Street on Wednesday. She even bought more stuff than me! I picked up them awesome glittery doc style shoes in New Look for £25 and I really don't know whether to keep them or not?! If I don't wear them this week I'm taking them back! 

003: Got a really exciting email the other day and posted a facebook & twitter status all about it, although I haven't yet heard back from the person. So I'm beginning to think it was a hoax email. Time will tell I suppose! *sighs*

004: Officially ended a so-called "friendship" this week. I literally feel like I've been slapped in the face so hard and properly woken up. I've realised certain people only use me for certain things and I'm not letting it happen anymore. So I had a clear out on Facebook (haven't finished yet) and through my phone, deleting people who have let me down in one way or another or who I feel I have no relevance to have a personal contact with anymore. I've ranted so much about this on twitter, I apologise. I feel way happier now though and feel like I now know for definite that I made the right choice in deciding to cut all contact with certain people and moving on without them. 

005: Finally, on Friday I went to my friend Nicole's house for a bonfire/halloween gathering. The night contained: jacket potatoes, hot-dogs, marshmallows, cider, wine, bonfire, sparklers, quizzes, charades and apple bobbing - which was the funniest thing ever. It was really lovely meeting new people and linked to the above, I now feel like I have real friends who will stick around a lot longer than other people have. :) 

006: Tomorrow my usual routine resumes again. Back to Uni, with loads of work to do, deadlines after deadlines and hardly any time to organise photoshoots. *sobs* But on the plus side, after what feels like the longest week ever, I'm spending tomorrow night at a bonfire/fireworks event with my *mystery man* who makes me very happy! :)

* All shall be revealed.

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  2. Loving your bone tights!

  3. Your glittery shoes are amazing!!! Your bonfire night looks brilliant, such fun :) I don't get a half term, jealous! I don't have most of my lectures this week though which is a bonus I guess!

    Robyn Mayday


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