Review: SONY zx300 headphones


SONY ZX300 headphones (red)*

I was recently sent these headphones and have decided to feature them on my blog because I love them that much. Firstly, I had no idea that they would be red, which happens to be my all time favourite colour, yay! I've been plugging them into my iPhone everyday and haven't looked back at those unreliable white apple earphones since. They're just as good as my Urban Ears headphones (also red!), yet a little more updated and stylish. They block out all background noise which is something that's important to me! They're just great and really affordable. As Christmas is fast approaching, I really recommend these for an affordable present to someone.

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  1. These look pretty cool :) i have earphones that i actually love too x

  2. These are amazing, love the colour and style :)

  3. Love these, it's nice to have a colour other then black too & they look so shiny!

    Sjmwell x

  4. Sony headphones are the best &

    Sony headphones quality, great looks and design and a great

  5. Hi ive done a review of the sony zx300 headphones on my blog as well and thanks


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