fright night


t-shirt: topshop
skirt: primark
jacket: h&m
necklace: topshop
belt: urban outfitters
tights: house of holland - henry holland* via
creepers: ebay

This was yesterday's outfit, as I'm working today so won't be participating in any Halloween events this year! I was sent these tights ages ago but never got round to styling them with anything (they are a little different, c'mon!). However, after picking up this tee last week, I thought it would go fantastic with the tights at the right time of year too! The photos were rushed and I hate them, but I love the outfit! #fashionbloggerproblems. A cat decided to join me and watch me whilst I took these. I thought I would include him 'cos of his awesome eyes! 

Yesterday, I popped to Oxford Street with my sister and cousin as she's staying over at the moment. I was happy to see the Christmas lights were up but they haven't been turned on yet, but then I realised we're still in October, duh! I just can't wait for Christmas!

Don't forget my Glamorous giveaway ends 11:59pm TONIGHT. There's been an overwhelming response so far so good luck to all that enter! I will reveal the winner on Twitter tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. Definitely a halloween styled outfit :) i love your eyebrows! What do you use for them? x

    1. Thank you lovely! I use the HD brow palette in foxy x

  2. You look amazing, I love the skirt! :)

  3. love this outfit, its just so perfect for halloween :) xx

  4. Love this look- especially the T shirt, will be hunting down t shirts in Topman now for sure! x

  5. very very pretty :) Jealous of your shirt!

  6. love the outfit :) and the christmas lights in oxford street get turned on on monday the 5th of november! x

  7. Looooove this outfit, such a cool rocky vibe to it :-) Gorgeous tights too!

  8. Anonymous8/11/12

    great look! your makeup looks fantastic!
    love your blog!
    following you now!
    would love if you checked out my blog sometime and followed if you liked!


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