what ashleigh did: 22nd - 27th october


Monday's outfit // New episode of The Walking Dead! // New phone case (from ebay) // Bardha drew us haha // Empty walk through the car park // Mum the "joker" // Bad PR example -_- // Cute night in with the girls // Worst day ever // Got my advent calender already!

001: This week is half term, although I only actually have three days off as I'm working all week. So as you can imagine, I have a ton of university and blog design work to fit into my three days off, so really my half term's non-existent! 

002: I've actually (for once) been pretty social this week. I popped to Oxford Street on Wednesday after my second unsuccessful contact lens appointment (I just can't do them! *sobs*) and treated myself to a few bits from Topshop; although two pieces are re-worked vintage items from the downstairs bit. I hung out with my good friends Nicole and Lauren the same night, had a good old gossip with plenty of treats. Nicole also pierced my ears which is a big risk I know, but sometimes you just have to take risks! They're absolutely fine though and I'm enjoying actually looking at earrings I can buy instead of ignoring the 'earrings' section on jewellery websites. Last but not least, I had a cute night in with a guy on Thursday which was lovely. Would you believe I've been single for eight months almost? Time flies by! I'm really enjoying the whole ~single, dating~ scene. It's nice to get to know new guys, even if the dates I've been on have been unsuccessful but either way, I'm happy!

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  1. Love your phone cases!

  2. love the phone case :) Hey, if you want, check out my blog
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