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E-tail webstores are currently holding a competition for bloggers only until the 12th November. All you have to do is pick items from the Glamorous website to create a 'dream outfit' for no more than £200, then create a collage, upload onto a new blog post and send your entry over to The top 10 entries will be uploaded onto the Glamorous Facebook page and the one with the most 'likes' wins! The winner will receive a £200 gift card to spend at Glamorous. My main entry is the first collage, although I made an extra two as it's a fun competition!

SHIRT (£22.99) // DISCO PANTS (£29.99) // BAG (£25) // JACKET (£55) // SHOES (£19.99)

I'm currently trialling a pair of the disco pants by Glamorous and if they're just as good (or near enough) then I think I will by the whole colour range they offer! I love these red ones. They're my favourite colour, great for the festive period and very statement. The shirt is something I thought would go really well although I would wear my moschino X peace belt and tuck it in at the front (like i did here) just to create some shape. A leather jacket never fails and nor does a simple black bag (which I really do need in my life!)

TOP (£19.99) // SKIRT  (£25.99) // SHOES (£11.99) // BAG (£25.00) // FAUX FUR COAT (£49.99)

Halloween's been and gone but all in all, I love the gothic trend which re-occurs all the time. I love the metallic trend aswell and think this skirt is perfect to mix up both trends in one. The shoes are simply something I would wear ALL the time too! I went for a basic vest, but I would probably wear the leather jacket too.
DRESS (£32.99) // SHOES (£139.99)

I think this is the most perfect outfit in the whole wide world. Or well, the dress is anyway. Why don't I have it in my life yet I ask myself? I have no idea is the answer! It's just beautiful! The 50s shape, the colour, cut and of course, the polka dots are just incredible. I don't think I could personally manage walking in the boots (Ashleigh doesn't get on well with heels you see..), but I think they clash in quite a nice way. 

Would you wear any of these outfits? If you've entered this competition, send me the link below!

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  1. The dress in the third outfit is amazing, going to have to check that out myself xxx

  2. The dress on the 3rd outfit is beautiful! Definitely tempted to pick one up for the Christmas season (:

    L x

  3. I love the bag in look one, it's so classic and I really like the metallic skirt in look two, it would look interesting next to a really casual piece. Awesome post!



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