what ashleigh did: 19th - 25th november


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001: Tim Gutt came into Uni this week and gave a lecture. Mixed reviews from everyone about him and his work but overall I adored his work. He's worked with the likes of British Vogue which is just amazing. So inspiring.

002: I've already updated the world about Andrew, but he cooked me a lovely meal on Wednesday night and we had fun baking an oreo and buttercream filled cake; which was as yummy as it sounds! It's really strange saying 'I have a boyfriend'. I've almost got used to being on my own but now it's all changed, but I'm so, so happy. 2012 has been the worst year ever so this is a happy ending for me.
I should probably mention how we met. We both work together and even had our induction day together two years ago! We never really spoke in work other than the occasional 'hello', so it's mad to think now after two years of standing next to eachother on a till serving popcorn, or emptying the bins out the back, that we're in a relationship. You can imagine everyone's reactions at work when they found out - crazy! I feel so comfortable around him which is so strange as it usually takes me a long while to completely open up to a person and feel content. I was only having this conversation with Gee last week!

003: I had a car accident on Friday as I was about to join onto a dual carriageway on a sliproad. Ironically, I tweeted half hour before my lesson that I was bound to crash due to not driving for five weeks. Jinxed?! It completely 100% wasn't my fault though. I froze after it happened thinking it was my fault but my driving instructor assured me it wasn't. I've hurt my shoulder but it could have been worse! The man who crashed into me was driving way too fast and didn't appear to understand the correct stopping distance. His car's bonnet completely caved in, whilst the car I was driving was fine other than a few dents in the boot's door and the back bumper. Just proves how fast the man was driving due to the impact to his car!

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  1. Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear about your accident! At least the rest of your week has been good though, I love the first temporary tattoo! xo

  2. I am in love with the feather tattoo, so pretty.


  3. just noticed you have put my banner on here, you absolute babe! will deffo do the same :) get that tattoo as a real one please, it is beaut! xxx

  4. i love your tattoo, most painful place! ^^


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