The Scribble House: black croc leather diary


Last week, I came home to find the best gift I could ask for right now; a diary/planner/notebook! I really needed one as I kept forgetting about things I was doing and my life is generally unorganised and messy! I've always bought a little diary notebook at the start of every year which only gets used for about a week before I forget about it and things I'm meant to be doing on certain dates! Luckily, this one starts as of December 2012, so I can use it pretty soon! Actually so excited. This is how lame I am.

The Scribble House are a family run business who take pride in the quality of their products; supplying luxurious leather presents and stationary.

I was allowed to choose any design so I went for the black croc one for a little simplicity and class! I love the fact it has rounded corners which means no dog eared pages - huge thumbs up from me! It's real leather with gold page detailing. It features a yearly calender in the front which I'm going to use as my blog schedule plan (proper getting organised aren't I?!). Each week has a page next to it for extra notes which is really handy for quick on-the-go Uni notes; whilst a handy little tube map, language translations and mathematics conversions towards the back are a huge plus! Even though it is a little pricey, I do 100% recommend The Scribble House, not just for high-quality products, but for presentation (it came in a gift box), super fast delivery and excellent customer service. 

What with Christmas around the corner, a little diary would make any girl happy I bet! Hint hint to any boyfriends, brothers and husbands reading this!

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  1. What a lovely little diary! I am a stationery geek too and want one for jotting down blog ideas!

    Liv x

  2. I love this, you can never go wrong with a nice diary.


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