I went to Lush and...


snow fairy shower gel £6.25 (250g) - there are smaller and bigger versions!

... bought some things! The lead up to Christmas means one thing. Lush stock up and offer limited edition christmas goodies but I've never tried any of them; until now! On a small shopping trip with my mum last week, I popped into my local Lush to have a look what's on offer. I know so many people adore the infamous snow fairy. I remember Emma mentioning it in a video a little while ago and I then added it to my never-ending "need to buy this asap" shopping list. 

candy mountain:
I had high hopes for this. It claims to give "mountains of candy foam" but I didn't find it did much other than turn my bath a weird colour; literally in-between pink and green. It smells delicious though. I really wanted to eat it! However, I wouldn't re-purchase.

magic wand:
I remember everyone loving this last year so I thought I'd pick one up. The really helpful sales assistant actually recommended it to me and as I had snow fairy in my hand, she told me the magic wand is the perfect partner for snow fairy as they have the same scent. Plus it has a ribbon and a bell. Who wouldn't want one?! I'm really loving my bubble baths using this. It's really easy to use; just 'swish' it around the bath whilst it's running and watch the bubbles grow and the water turn pink. It smells soooo good too! (I'm rubbish at describing scents, but go check it out.. now.)

snow fairy:
I dived into the deep end here and purchased the medium size bottle. I couldn't face the regret of purchasing a small one, loving it then using it up and feeling depressed having a normal bath. Then again, I could of hated it and wasted my money, but life's all about risks, right? It literally smells like sweets, candyfloss and cherry all in one, with small glitter particles inside. Although I should add, the glitter doesn't cling to your body as I was praying it wouldn't (hate products like that, ew). It simply smells divine and I will definitely buy another couple before they disappear till next Christmas!

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  1. I have recently puchased these three too! I can literally smell candy mountain in my room right now and I'm going to get it out to sit and smell it :) Gonna stock up on Snow Fairy too and I am yet to try the wand, can't wait now though :) Love lush posts!

  2. love the magic wand!! so want one, im enjoying the moustache bubblebeard and twilight shower gel :D

  3. I love Snow Fairy, I remember how upset I was last year when I ran out.

  4. Anonymous27/11/12

    I adore snow fairy, it smells divine! xx

  5. I really want to try Snow Fairy!

  6. OH I love lush! I moved recently far away from any lush store, tho :( Snow fairy is my favorite! It's like taking a bath in candy...possibly the best soap ever

  7. Think i might buy snow fairy as a present :) x

  8. Anonymous30/11/12

    That Snow Fairy product looks absolutely amazing! Oh my goodness, I'm absolutely loving it. The way you describe it makes it sound heavenly. I love sweet, sugary and pink items from LUSH (think Rockstar soap, my enduring favorite).

    I'm so glad LUSH opened in Singapore, I'll definitely be heading there sometime soon to check these products out. Lovely post, dear!

    I'm your latest follower. Amazing blog!

    Love, Fatima (fashionpilgrim)
    Twitter: @fashpilgrim
    Facebook Page: Fatima A.
    Instagram: @fashionpilgrim

  9. I literally cannot wait to get my xmas bits , I have dedicated a day for my xmas shopping and I am going to buy lots of lush... mmmm love it sooo much! great picks, I can't wait to try the new products, and also get the xmas eve bubble bar for my xmas eve bath! xx

  10. omygosh!!! i think i will get the snow fairy!


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