what ashleigh did: 26th november - 2nd december


Breaking Dawn · Treats · WIGGLE YO' EYEBROWS! · To-do list · Pub lunch · Photoshoot preview · 9 films to develop! · Gifted bracelet* (review to come) · Waiting for the train... · Hospital hot chocolate (the best I've ever had) · Pub dinner · Cyber candy gifts* (review to come) · Fat day (everyday) · "Jimaleena" the gingerbread (wo)man · Little + large (: · Andrew baking · I WON! · Marks & Spencers "luxury" hot chocolate
001: First things first... IT'S DECEMBER! Santa will be delivering his goodies in twenty three days! Hopefully you're on the nice list, like me! I started Christmas shopping this weekend and I'm about half done! Not bad!

002: I suppose I had better mention Breaking Dawn and my own personal thoughts on it as everyone else has. I actually really enjoyed it! I wasn't too sure what to expect as I've heard mixed reviews from people about it. I don't want to mention too much incase I spoil it for anyone who's not yet watched it, but the big twist towards the end is really clever!

003: I finally got round to photographing my final shoot with my friend Jack this week. I'm still in the process of editing and uploading but I will eventually get round to blogging them. I really like them! The same day after the shoot, we went to the pub for lunch, giggles and a game of darts (I tragically lost). It was lovely catching up with my dear friend Nicole (Jack's girlfriend). We ordered so much cheesy food!

004: My Nanny got her hospital results on Wednesday. I haven't mentioned at all what is wrong with her as nobody was 100% sure, but our fears have become a reality. She indeed has breast cancer. Her operation is FIVE days before Christmas which is poo but I just want her to get better. Fortunately, it's been found in its early days so is hopefully treatable. She will only need the operation and radio-therapy every day for FIVE weeks afterwards but most probably not chemotherapy... unless it's spread elsewhere. We will find this out next week. This is a possible fact however, as she has developed a lump on her sternerm bone which may be a type of secondary cancer; lung cancer to be exact. Everybody has been SO kind. Thank you.

005: I received a lovely parcel from Cybercandy the other day containing some goodies to bake a cake with. Me and Andrew spent two days baking stuff. I will be posting about both things soon; one of which totally failed haha. 

Have you beat breast cancer? Know someone who has or is currently battling it? I'd love to hear from you. Please e-mail me.

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  1. Love all these photos, baking for 2 days sounds like heaven! Sorry to hear about your nan :( ive just done quite a bit about breast cancer at uni (dont know anyone personally), i really hope she recovers quickly xx

  2. I love your bracelets! I'm really sorry to hear about your Nan :( xx

  3. Anonymous2/12/12

    so sorry to hear about your nan, wish you and your family all the best ashleigh, hope everything works out ok for you all xxxxx

  4. Awesome photos, love photographic recaps like these :)


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